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Would it be copyright to make blue a "Make America Great Again" hat and totally rebrand his slogan as a play on the hypocrisy?

Like hey mabey we should be more like the 50s and stop letting the greedy wealthy people hord all the money!

MsAl Level 7 Jan 9, 2019

TheRump himself said he wants to change that slogan to “America IS Great” now that “the greatest president ever” has accomplished so much!!

So as the recession sets in, a blue hat with the same slogan may be an EXCELLENT idea!


William Gates, Bills father is always pushing for a state income tax for the wealthy. There are some who understand the harm the reductions of proper taxes for the wealthy are doing to the country.

Warren Buffet as well!


There is a value in knowing the past...


Wherever the tax rate bottomed out, the greatest depressions began - 1929 and 2008!

The literally gave away tax revenue until there was no more revenue to be had!!

Please post where we can copy a link to this image!!




Yep, I want the good old days back, the world was more stable financially and the standard of living was higher for Americans from 1950 until the gas crisis in 1973. Then they made the tax system "fair" to the ultra wealthy and before Reagan could get out of office our deficit and national debt ballooned. Cutting taxes for the rich had to be a good thing, but something was still wrong, it was a mystery and the US Government itself went deep into debt. At least until Bill Clinton balanced the budget and left office with a surplus that was so large Bush gave it all away in the form of a $300.00 check to every Tax Payer, only to start the longest war in US History and wreck the economy and sink us into multiple trillion dollar obligations.
To get the good old days back the progressive tax must be reinstated.
A one percent increase in taxes on the top 10% of income earners would be like a 20% tax increase on everyone else combined as far as the total amount of revenue the IRS would receive. That's what sucks about the Trump Tax cut, and they have good reason to think we won't see through it.
I am grateful that Ocasio-Cortez is talking about it, at least someone is and when I say it people just look at me like I'm a damn space alien because the Fox propaganda machine has a huge effect on our slumbering population. I mean it could be worse, we could have had a god damn Libertarian in office that would have pushed a flat tax and then we'd be a population even more divided into slave labor/ entitled then we are now, and frankly I'm sick of the mental thrall such ideas hold on my fellow citizens.


It's crazy to think that rich individuals will need as much money as they earn. It's a challenge to even spend a million dollars so logically once these people get to that income level it just stockpiles. In no country should we have people who live paycheck to paycheck while the rich are this rich.

And we are discussing a high tax rate on ONLY the income above $10M!!

@Ungod I think once we switch to solutions like universal healthcare and UBI people will see how much a tax like this is beneficial. It's just gonna be hard to do it with all the propaganda against it.


The tax burden should lie where the most money is being made.

Yes, the rich pay “more” than the rest of us, but they should be paying a higher PERCENTAGE than those with less income!

A MUCH higher percentage now that they’ve been getting tax breaks every administration the last 50 years!

Ungod Level 6 Jan 9, 2019

I wonder how they made that much money.

@slydr68 Yeah that sounds right.


Ocasio-Cortez is my favorite Congresswoman

She is a progressive firebrand and she has my support. I would even dance with her.

@jlynn37 I would even dance with her also!!

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