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Are you racist?

Trust Rugglesby to bring an elephant into the room.
The poll is anonymous as far as I know and is not linked to your answers or to you. Rather than just ticking the "no" box I challenge you to delve a bit deeper. Personally I reject the term "race" I do not believe in it. Others have stated their thoughts that they align it to "breed" for other species. To me, a "breed" has been bred for particular traits. I am a Heinz 57 variety, my ancestry is pretty much anything from Irish to Australian Aboriginal and most in between. Any breeding for traits has been bred out of me, I am a mongrel. Some consider race to be based on language or religion. We are not religious, but could still have a prejudice against any or all religions. I do not believe that would make us racists. For the purposes of this question I would like you to consider that cataloguing people as a race, is in fact being racist. Not necessarily that you think ill of the people you put into those categories, but simply by the fact that you do make the distinction. Remembering that this is not just about ancestry but more about appearance, or religion or language. A racist person would look at my fair skin and auburn hair and declare me Caucasian totally ignoring my Aboriginal grandfather. So the question is, do you categorise people (including yourself) for any reason as belonging to a "race"? To emphasize my point I am making the poll questions harsh. Feel free to make any comments you like, this is only my opinion, I am wrong more often than right, but please consider it only as an exercise to think outside the boxes. Clearly their is no obligation to answer the questions at all and to answer is only a test of your ability to express your own doubts and certainties.

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Rugglesby 8 Feb 19

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I answered no but I'm not sure if you'd consider me so being one considering not only the general differences of races but those imposed by generations of differing social customs and mores. Of course, individuals vary greatly, such as this agnostic who'd be conveniently described as a WASP, at least one who'd be considered one in some stereotypes.

I'm not saying one is "better" than another. Still, stereotypes fit. My family of largely Irish descent has a long history stereotypical male laborers, warriors and alcoholics with the stereotypical neurotic, overbearing and demanding women who love...and

I truly believe this upbringing is why I'm also an apathetic agnostic.

My sense of humour is never politically correct, loved Andy Capp cartoons. I wouldn't consider you a racist. I know I worded the question abrasively. My issue is with the idea of race or any classification of people by grouped physical appearance/characteristics. I mean in his later years michael jackson would have been caucasion.

Awww, so I don't get to create controversy here today?

Seriously, here I wasn't but it's good to have a place you can say what you think...usually, such, I didn't see the poll options as particularly abrasive. Mine can be, especially when the polls are just a silly aside.

Now, to go see what hornets' nests I can stir up...


Skin a different color?

Hair a different texture?

Speak a different language?

Have different socio cultural mores?

From a different country?

All these things mean what they mean, they matter when and how they matter--and none of them point to anything that leads me to feel separateness.

I'm not a make-up artist: your skin color is nothing I need to worry about.

I'm not a hair-dresser: the texture of your hair is not my concern.

I'm not an authoritarian despot: your language, values, or nationality are not my business.

You're a person.

You're a person.

You're a person.

You're a person.

You're a person.

You love, you fear, you desire, you hunger just as I do. Not in exactly the same ways--perhaps in very different ways--but the underlying experience is consistently human.

I don't want anyone else to fail to see the fullness of my humanity through any blinders they may wear--so I work to keep my own vision clear.

Humans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, languages, cultures, countries, societies, religions...but only one "race."

love it.

I had no doubt that you were a good person. This is further proof of what I already believed. That was beautifully said, my friend.

I sometimes wish there was a love button on this site........


Hell yeah I am racist! All you humans are f#@king idiots!

@JuinnWong yep, we are a disappointing species

At the same time we are pretty amazing though, just look at how far weve advanced. The methods now with 8 billion people on this planet and tools and weapons of mass destruction and rampant divisiveness...etc etc etc...yeah im a misanthrope but i just wanna point out that overall its pretty cool.


I adhere to the concept that we are human. ALL of us.

That said, sociologists noted traits in peoples of different regions. This includes things like heavy, 'folded' eyelids. Course curly hair, vs fine straight hair. Or fine but curly hair. If a region tends to one hair color, that will be noted. In short my introduction to sociology was about categorization but I don't recall reading anything about one trait being superior to another though there were theories posed about adaptation to climate.

I DO hold to the idea that race was invented as a political tool to keep certain peoples down, and to help other people flourish/profit.

In short: we are all mutts and race is a false construct designed specifically to divide us.

Saying that race doesn't exist is denying that some of our history is real and potentially trying to say it never happened, OR at least it can be seen that way. Thus, I don't try to throw out the term, nor the concept. I DO however, work to not be racist.

One more idea comes up... do we habitually flock to our perceived 'kind'? I have noticed this and I like Freemans comment on it as "tribalism" because it really isn't about race (I too am a mutt, I have a genetic trait that says I am black, middle eastern or asian but I look nothing like any of the above). What it really is about, I think, is fear. So, you group up with those who give you comfort and that might be along lines that you and I would call 'racist' though, in reality, this may not be the real intent/focus of the action.

Final thought: I think 'racist' is a bit like 'lady' but inverse. If you have to point out that you are a lady, you aren't. If you have to say you aren't 'racist', odds on you are.

excellent points, I have thought on the tribalism angle a lot. Speaking of tribe, the Noongar people of Western Australia are close blood relatives of mine, my mother refuses to acknowledge this as she was adopted and raised by British parents, she is even fairer than I am. She has many arguments, bottom line is she is racist claiming she only takes after the other side of the family.

yes, brilliant. thank you.

you had me Gnarloc until I read the 'lady' analogy. In these days of gender diversity, I don't even know where the word lady sits in 2018. Is a lady someone who doesn't swear or spit in public? Someone who doesn't have a tattoo, someone who crosses her legs and sits up straight? Is it a compliment or not?

Hear Hear well said!!

@MsDemeanour It is related to an old joke by a comedienne. In which she relates that if you have to say you are a lady, you aren't a lady. The context of that day was what you are describing, someone with manners and from the 'upper crust' of society. Too true, as you point out, that in today's world it doesn't hold the same meaning.


Yes. I am a racist. I think Homo Sapiens are superior to all other primates.
But some of my best friends are Chimps.....

But some Homo Sapiens (I won't mention their names because we all know who) are inferior to chimps and some even lower non-primates!!

my friends are more like chumps

@JackPedigo over here many of our political variety are so spineless they can't rate as vertebrates


I believe there are many animals totally equal to humans. Horses, dolphins and whales, crows and ravens, certain dog breeds (tendong towards smarter, more independent and generally between 35 and 70ish pounds...i like shepherds/herders and mostly cannot STAND small dogs unless theyre well behaved) and most cats (can't stand mothers cuz they become total fucking assholes lol, as well as the ones that will swat at or attack you for almost no reason). There are definitely others - maybe gorillas - but theyre not coming to mind atm. Im exercising pretty hard while i write this so thats likely partly why.

@Neraven Totally eh? Yeah right, whateva

@CapriKious yeah i didnt used to use that word far ive fallen lol

@Neraven When a dolphin, elephant or raven etc. tells me I am a racist, I will reconsider my position.

@CapriKious -eyeroll- just cuz they can't talk doesn't mean they aren't intelligent, compassionate and in some cases creative.

@Neraven I would never deny your points. Other than some singular instances of these species showing empathy for ours and other species, I think we have yet to find undeciphered treatises from any of them on the welfare of other species. That there are modal differences in our communication patterns there can be no doubt. That they live and should be given every consideration as such, You will get no argument from me.


The idea if racism is basically mental manipulation. The goal of a racist is to brainwash a person into thinking they are inadequate.
Scientifically there is nothing that distinguishes one human as superior to another, which is why the Mind is the target.....

Unless you regard climate adaptation or tendency towards or away from certain traits/diseases/etc superior (i havent looked into this like at all but i think atleast more "pure" individuals of different races tend towards or away from certain things - like basically not aging appearance wise with asians, or perhaps something more serious and deadly like a slightly higher tendency towards cancer, heart problems, obesity, addiction and on...).which is the only way i could tolerate any sort of slight racism that isnt automatic bias. Like only as a personal opinion of what potential disease/condition they think is better to get and/or live with, or them loving cold so they think that black people are inferior (ot perhaps really just darker skin) simply in that regard...but not letting that consciously influence any of their interactions with other people.I understand when some people just arent attracted to certain racial appearance traits, and part of that, or all of it, i believe is automatic bias


Race is a social construct.

Vegetables are plants.


We are socialized as racist. As long as human physical traits are used to hand out privilege, thisbwill not change. Up front we can work to overcome our feelings and get beyond them, but our subconscious remains contaminated by our past upbringing. It's better to be aware of it then to deny it or practice it overtly or covertly.


Firstly we need an accurate definition of race.

My two pennorth (two cents): Race is the first step in evolution. In the North sea there are 7 races of cod. They live in different places, migrate to different places and breed at different times. They all taste the same.

I think that there are different races of human beings to be an enormous advantage. No race is inferior to any other - just different. It gives us an advantage in surviving.

'Fraid I'm not a mongrel, not since 1735 which is as far back as my family tree goes back.

If I were younger I would be working on that.

I agree with the adaptation to environment angle, in my case red hair was an advantage in areas of lower sunlight needed for production of vitamin D living where I do i would prefer more melanin from the other side of the family.

@Rugglesby A good friend of mine is a ginger (see I`m not that racist) and he was an extra in a special comic relief edition of Blackadder. The scene involved Rowan Atkinson being chased by 200 red headed scots up a hill. It was a warm sunny day and the production team provided an industrial size tub of factor 50 sun cream for all the extras. As they all slapped this on their skin he said that he had never before or since felt such a kinship with his " roots " lol

I'm always astounded that people say "my family tree" - which ancestral line did you take? Male? Female? And how do you know who the females of your "family" mated with? All nonsense - I'm sure you're just as much a mutt as the rest of us.

@GoldenDoll I rely on my cousin Yvonne. She is the family historian. I could go back one more generation on my mother's side but I can't be bothered.

@273kelvin Yes, you are a redhead and you have native Australian ancestry. I think we got that.


I am racist against orange people. Soo..Trump and oompa loompas (the singing is creepy)

funny fucker


We are all racists. Anyone who says they aren't is a liar. We need groups where we feel welcome and to have a sense of security. Those groups can be a race, a religion, type of lifestyle or anything we feel safe within. This bonding is a human need.

The problems happen if we become insular or teach hate or violence against another group.

I fail to see the connection between a need for inclusiveness in groups where an individual feels safe and a person being racist.

@icolan you live in a vacuum

@icolan, I'm using racist in a broader sense. For example, a person raised in an entirely White experience would feel uneasy if suddenly plunged into a wholly Black experience. You can substitute another race or two or religion or cultural background instead. Of course, there are always exceptions, but the rule is the same.

@Angelface I don't think someone being uncomfortable or uneasy in an entirely unfamiliar situation/experience/location is the same thing as being racist.

@icolan Again, I'm not using it in a strict sense. I think we're going to have to let this go.

@Angelface What sense are you using the word then? I am not aware of any definition of racist or racism that conflates them with comfort or ease in an unfamiliar situation.

Claiming that everyone is racist and using the example you used makes no sense, a person's comfort level in a given situation has nothing to do with whether someone is racist or not and certainly has nothing to do with your claim that everyone is racist.

@icolan last time. If you are raised and remain in a single race cultural norm, then you will have no actual, (other than television or movies); knowledge of another race's root behavior. And since humans tend to feel safer among familiarities, That person will see their own culture as better than the other race's customs.

However, you can apply the same effect to other religions, (Christian versus Muslim); nationalities, education, just about any set of variables.

For example, I am white, and until I became friends with a woman from Nigeria, I had no idea of how she perceived my actions. When her brother asked me out, my hesitation was there even tho I have never seen myself as racist. To be fair, they see American Blacks as condescending and racist toward Africans as well.

Another example is a Native friend of mine sees Natives from downriver, not on the same level as those from upriver. This behavior is a common prejudice among area Natives.

You are making generalized claims without any evidence. Just because someone was raised in a single race cultural norm, does not automatically mean that they don't have knowledge of another race's root behaviour, nor does it mean they see their own race or culture as inherently superior or better. And this can be applied to any difference you choose.

Can you provide any actual evidence besides a few anecdotes of your own. Just because you felt hesitation when someone of another race asked you on a date and choose to blame it on racism does not mean others feel the same or experience the same.

I too was raised in a majority white area, but would have no problem or hesitation in dating someone of another race. Claiming that everyone is racist without evidence is biased and offensive.

@Angelface That still does not back your claim that everyone is racist, and I am done arguing about it.


I hold the modern view that race doesn't exist. It is a human construct based on incomplete data. The things we call "race" are so fuzzy around the edges as to make the definition useless.


I don't understand the reason for the religion selection. Religion isn't a race.

It is if your Jewish,live in northern Ireland or the subcontinent of India and many other places.

@273kelvin there are ethnic Jews and there are people who claim Judaism. The two can be mutually exclusive. @eazyduzzit makes a good point as in the sense of religion it amounts to choice where if we are talking about ethnic Jews then this would rightly constitute more of a philosophical discussion.

@macrobius The word " choice " is to some extent redundant. It may seem odd on a site like this but one cannot opt out of ones culture that easily. Though I am an atheist by choice culturally and racially I am still a WASP. I once asked two friends of mine from northern Ireland a question. (Each of them came from opposite sides of the divide). " If you you were standing at a bus stop and a total stranger walked up. Could you tell if they were catholic or protestant? " They both answered yes.

@273kelvin the P in WASP stands for protestant, and identifying as protestant does not have anything to do with race. The W part is what you're looking for. That means white. So in claiming WASP you are already excluding everyone who isn't white by the definition of that term.

@macrobius Tell that to someone who lives in Belfast, Glasgow or even Boston. The P separated me from catholics in education and to a certain extent culturally as an adult. Irrespective of my own personal views. I can no more go back in time and scrap all the catholic schools in my neighborhood than I can change the colour of my skin. That does not mean that should or do adhere to any tribal constraints regarding friendship or relationships. Just what I was born into.

@273kelvin I'm not arguing with you on a personal experience level. That wouldn't be productive. When you talk about being a WASP, the W for white is racial identity and the P for protestant is part of cultural identity and those two things are very different.

@Eazyduzzit that is what I say also, but every time I make any comment at all re "X" religion, I am called a racist by many people.


Everyone on this planet is a racist. Its human nature to make our fellow human feel inadequate in some way. we do this inside and outside of our races.
Whites: Blond Hair and blue eyes is considered most attractive

People of color including african americans/africans, latino/hispanic, asian, indian,arabs etc:
believe fair skin is most attractive.


I believe every human is racist to a lesser or greater degree because its self-preservation basically. a race isn't a colour or even another country. it's everyone who isn't your family. it's genetically built into us and many a good documentary on chimps in the wild and you will see what I mean. personally am about as unracist as a person can be.

I agree with what you say in that we choose our "own" in preference to "others" I just personally consider the term "race" spurious. Just wait until I get onto speciesism.

race is just the only word I can think of my friend

Chimps have been filmed raping and attacking other groups of chimps and also filmed attacking and eating other species of smaller monkeys. Sea otters have been filmed attacking and killing other animals such as baby seals. Humans are simply another animal species. Humans feel safe and or secure in similar type groups and very few are comfortable with groups outside of their similarities. It's how we are taught and very few go against that teaching, unfortunately, be it other races, religions, or another sex.

indeed pretty much what I said so we haven't really evolved mentally with our big brains and civility and we live in unnaturally huge colonies.


Hell no! I'm not a racist. I hate NASCAR and think the Indy 500 is boring.

I agree on both counts


There is no such thing as 'race'. It is a social creation. We all share the same genes (mostly) and are able to cross breed. All differences are cosmetic and cultural. The thing that divides us is tribal. I totally believe, all of us are capable of racist behavior. Some is conscious and some is unconscious. Denying that we may have some unconscious racist ideas is counterproductive to our individual healing.

My late partner was from Iran. This tribe is considered Aryan. They get insulted if one mixes them with the Arabs who they look down on. She had some of this tendency because it was fostered throughout childhood. She admitted it as well. Admitting this is the only way to deal with the negative consequences.

There is such a thing as race beyond the social concept. Race is used in genetics, medicine, biology, sociology, and other sciences.

"Race is a concept used in the categorization of humans into groups, called races or racial groups, based on combinations of shared physical traits, ancestry, genetics, and social or cultural traits."

The word has fallen out of favor in scientific circles, but the concept is still the same.


@icolan even social sciences? !!

@icolan Next to physical changes cultural changes are the slowest. The term "race" has been around for centuries so it's hard to get rid of it overnight. It is said the genetic differences between chimps living in forested areas from those living in plains areas is greater than any group of humans. The term won't change overnight. Science programs I have seen have said the term does not meet the reality.

@markdevenish Even social sciences, because they study differences in social groups of humans which often coincide with 'racial' sub-groups. It is a factor that must be accounted for in most any research into humanity.


If there is a race, it's the human race, period. I do not classify peoples by that term. Whenever it seems necessary for me, in speaking with another, to use a designation for a person from a different background, I will use the term "ethnicity" as I believe that to be more descriptive and more specific, but also inoffensive, in my opinion.

I had the good fortune to have been brought up in an environment, and to be schooled with people of numerous national backgrounds, all different "colors," if you will, and never experienced any negativity because of that issue. In school, I had crushes on Black, Asian, Hispanic, and even ( a ) Hawaiian girls. I've had a Chinese wife, and a Filipina wife, and still have feelings for and respect both. My daughter, the light of my life, is half Chinese. I went to Compton College post-riots (Watts riots 1965) and never had any problems there.

My working career was in aerospace in Southern California, and if you know anything about either, you know that being racially biased in such an environment will eventually get you into trouble. Besides that, my degree was in Sociology, and I worked in Employee/Labor Relations for 13 of my 30 years in aerospace, and in HR for over 20 years; so, being a racist would not have been viable under those circumstances.


I voted ''No''. The reason being, I don't care where the fuck anyone comes from. If I like someone or I didn't like someone, it wouldn't be because of where they come from.


I said no I'm not a racist. Sometimes I will say I'm an old white man when i'm trying to make a point about whatever, knowing that being white I'm not treated the way as if you're not white. I also have said I love red-headed Irish girls. I may say something that might sound racist. But I know what's in my heart. that I'm not.

I love the accent of Irish girls.


Definitely not a racist. I stay as far away from all NASCAR-related events as possible. (In my youth, I liked Indy cars, but I've grown as a person since then.)


I'm not even a specieist. I treat everyone on a case by case basis. We're all animals.

agreed, I have been trying to find a way to bring that up without causing offense.



I voted yes I am a racist and consider all races equal. Am I a hater?
No.I do actually see (and often admire color and gender). Do I hate or active try to have bias? No. I was raised in a sexist, racist country and often have to correct stupid brainwashing that I don't even know I have concerning sex and color. It actually pisses me off. To be honest I am very aware they at least could there be bigotry and do my best to get rid of it as much as possible. It is he same for anyone that is not hetrosexual. I was brainwashed to think they were sinners. It is bullshit. I now accept people as humans. We are all black africans(that is fact). We all are sexual no matter how that manifest. We are all some sort of sex even if it is both. I like to consider myself to be the most sexist(feminist), Racist(equal rights person) and non-hetrosexual bias person possible. Just to keep me honest and overcome my brainwashing.
Now I do consider myself a feminist, an equal rights, and lgbt advocate. I just hate my upbringing that was horrible so I now go to any measures possible to break the chains of bigotry due to my upbringing.

So I do admit my past as much as I hate it. I remember it so I don't repeat the same mistakes.
I feel like an ass for admitting this, The bullshit has to stop. I guess this is the best way to pay penance for my upbringing. I am not that Man.

I would agree with you wholeheartedly a few years back. I was brought up the same way. I'm at a place now, though that's "even". I'm bisexual even though raised to abhor anyone not heterosexual. My parents didn't share the same "race", yet one was preferred over the other. I'm happy now and free, and that's why my poll chose the no option.


the human race, we are one kind


If you are white and american raised, you are racist. Not because of personal beliefs necessarily, but because we benefit greatly from a long history of institutionalised racism. Better schools, better jobs,easier access to housing, loans, credit in general... I could go on. So the question is moot. One really needs to ask what we, as white Americans can do to dismantle those racist institutions.

Dave D.

The institutional racism that exists in American government and public sector institutions does not mean every individual American is racist.

That an individual benefits from the history of institutionalized racism that s/he had no part in creating and cannot change does not make the individual a racist.


Interesting that all the choices but one are Blatantly racist!??!

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