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Personally, I want candidates to be more like me.


There isn’t anyone “like” Bernie Sanders.
Hindsight is 2020 !!

skado Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

It's a good idea in theory, but would it be practical.


Damn right I do!


Agree I have turned more to the left-more progressive these last 2 years of HELL WITH THE FUHRER.


Be aware in what you assume about the poll. The conclusion is not “like” Sanders but someone that incorporates some of Sander’s progressive views.

Further, the question did not compare Sanders desirability to that of any other candidate. There is a question of more/less like Trump that shows similar results. (Those were the only “more like” questions about candidates.) you could probably get similar results if the subject were any other popular politician.


I disagree We need a middle of the road person for change. We do not need the extreme from either party.

For a change? The Democratic party pushes middle of the road centrist candidates, at least at the national level. Look at the Democratic primary winners going back to the '80s. Would anyone but those from the far-right consider them 'extreme' as you worded it?

W. Clinton
H. Clinton

@AlPastor Nope but Bernie and EW are

70% of the public agree with the ideas Bernie puts forth, they have just refused to allow those to be put on the table so when you say they are the in the middle there many, many polls that say you are wrong

I hardly think that Bernie is extreme. Extreme is Hitler or Stalin, that is extreme.


Works for me...[]

@maturin1919 I just posted it, Apparently, this site still has to "approve" my posts. 😟 Even though I am level 8.5.

@maturin1919 Yeah, right, I see it. They have been doing this shit to me all along. My posts get filtered. Annnnd I think it has something to do with some L9 bitches that think they own the site and are tight with admin. I'm not a Conspiracy Theorist, but you can tell when someone doesn't like you. My posts can't say "fuck" either or they get deleted. It's annoying, to say the least.

... I've reported that my post has not gone live to @SiteSupport

@CaroleKay that sucks.

@sassygirl3869 Yeah, I'm really pissed about it, I rarely post to the main page for this reason and now this is proof that my posts are filtered. I will leave over this. I know who is responsible.

@CaroleKay join my Leftist Group and I will post to main page for you.


Well candidates liek Bernie Sanders are pretty much the opposite of the "Tea Party" Republicans.


Th majority of Democrats are progressive.

I find Bernie to be to far left.

@slydr68 I like a lot of what Bernie stands for but I feel he is to far left to be elected also he is to old.

@slydr68 i will get back to you have emergency here

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