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Am I being a brat?

Am I being a brat for thinking, that for once, it’d be nice to go on this site and not see post after post about Trump or religion?

DaphneDarling 7 Jan 11

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Nope. Who ever suggested hopeful reading here is more balanced and diverse beyond theocracy and White House Goldman Sachs BILLARYbotism ??? The only brats are believers butthurt we Atheists tell them the truth and politically correct clones who won't do the hard work of democracy on real issues NOT IMPEACHING our president ONLY TO GET PENCE who will force all women to stay pregnant


"By default, we try to show posts on the main page that we hope are interesting. However, you can adjust what type of posts show up here by checking the categories below. Any category you click under "show less of these" won't show up on the main page."

On the home page, click on the gear icon next to Search and below View more. It's to the right.

I don't think you're being a brat. I can understand how politics and Trump posts can be wearisome, and for some, religious discussion is irrelevant. But for others, it can be therapeutic and/or a way to bring awareness. Probably best to select what you want to see in your feed.


It is hard to avoid either of them as they are in your face and life every day. that said, I agree with the comment on Cadet Bone Spurs wanting attention and we shouldn't give it to him. Unless six of your neighbors and four friends are without paychecks because of it! Politics and religion are hard to avoid and we are in this mess because a lot of people do ignore them!

BillF Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

Not a brat, but unrealistic


No, it's the last thing I would come here for.


The religion part doesn't bother me that much, although seeing the same thing said by many different people can get old sometimes.
But as far as Trump, I pretty much refuse to click on any of those posts any more. Tired of reading about him.


well you are allowed to skip those...

lerlo Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

I used the group opt out and unfollowed some folks who really prolifically post about those topics.

Yes I need to know about what happens in the world - but not a constant barrage.

What @VictoriaNotes said - and the Opt out of certain groups will probably help you filter a lot If you find yourself on a group page - just look near the title and there is a group opt out at the upper right of the title.

I really understand what you're saying.


I'm with you on the Trump thing. That is also driving me nuts on FB. I view many of the members here as religious refugees, or escapees. They have escaped the bonds of religion and when they come here, they need to spew and they want to share their stories with a sympathetic audience. I get that. Unless the topic is particularly interesting, or something from FFRF, I just scroll on by.


Pass on to other posts if they annoy you.


Erm its an Agnostic site and some members feel the need to talk of the damage they felt religion inflicted on them...ditto for Trump. As a non-American member who never had a negative religious experience, I am happy to allow my fellow members to vent if they feel they need to. To answer your question...yeah.

@DaphneDarling But thats up to them. Some people need to repeat and repeat their pain until it stops hurting. I worked with a lady who was sexually abused by a RC priest, when she told her Mum she was belted and her Mum said, "shut up, you want to eat don't you?" She told me every time I worked with her for two years. Its a horrible story but I understood her need to share.

@DaphneDarling Oh well just ignore em. I read everyone's post. The only ones I struggle with are the ones directing me to a FB site, which I don't have. I prefer text anyway.


You can always talk about cancer.


No not at all. It crossed my mind the other day that it's getting on my tits a bit as well 🙂


Not for one minute. Trump and religion bashing with no argument gets a bit wearisome. There are a lot of intelligent and clever people here who engage in informed debate which is why I come here but others....


Sure, that would be nice, as would finding out I were bequeathed millions of dollars in someone stranger's will because I was kind to them once. Alas, it's not likely to happen. So, I just scroll on past the topics that don't interest me and I'm happier for ignoring them. (And I'm still kind to strangers, just in case. Or because it's the right thing to do. Whatever.)


I post about other things most of the time. Being in groups helps to avoid those topics, because often the posts in groups are about whatever subject is the reason for the group.


I posted about other stuff .😉

@DaphneDarling lol my talking about my grandson and retirement didnt drive a lot of discussion.


No not at all .


That would make me a brat as well.

One person said to pass on posts you do not like. Lol that's funny because there are so many you'd have to pass MANY MANY posts.

Another said some members feel the need to share their experiences with religion.

That's nice and all but after months and years ...get over it. The abundance of posts aren't even about their bad experiences. It's just redundant posts about religion.

To that person: obviously it's an agnostic site. That doesn't mean I expected to come here and see obsessive posts about religion. And also the orange moron holding presidency.

I not only forget I have this app but often decide not to even get on. Why? Because i know it'll be post after post of trump and religion. We can't do anything about trump, air grievances and MOVE ON.

And I know this will sound wacky to the sensitive idealistic people who seem to compose the mass of members but umm I joined an agnostic site hoping to see people who DONT CARE ABOUT RELIGION and had profound, intriguing conversations about religion. No, instead they are bratty and their posts tend to consist of whining about religion and trump. And asking silly questions kids would ask about religion.

You come to this site in excitement only to have to try not to roll your eyes from post after post of the orange clown and religious obsession.

I've definitely thought the same thing. For those that are about to get up and arms about my reply; try not to cry too hard lmao try and remember you are an ADULT and not let the butthurt get to ya?

Don't forget the endless parade of mind numbing memes that abound lately, the pathetic attempts at being humorous, and the lack of dialog prevalent here.


Not at all. Just go to the categories and join the groups that you prefer.


Not at all. I also support this idea and find myself avoiding the tRump comments/postings. We all know full well what a miserable jackass in-chief this guy is.

I read something in the Humanist magazine that "Media Matters" reported that of the combined 260 minutes the major TV networks devoted in 2017 to discull Climate Change, a full 79% focused on tRump. Is anyone surprised that the fossil fuel industry spends money advertising on major network news programs?"


I can understand being inundated by tRump and just plan exasperated but I don't see how no religious stuff could be possible on a site that explores the stupidity of religion.


Hah! Let me know how that goes. At this rate, it will be 42 years before I achieve the next level due to not commenting on or liking posts.


Hmm, perhaps you should be more selective regarding what groups you look at.


Yeah. That would be nice.
I was hoping for a little better discussion myself


I don't think you're a brat. But how about you post somethings you're interested in and I'll commit. I'm down for a good topic.

@DaphneDarling. Well let me go see then.

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