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LINK Social Security official: Married working mothers hurt society, condoms rob women of “remarkable chemicals” in semen

Robert W. Patterson also suggested that homosexuality is a mental disorder and sexual orientation can be forcibly changed

That is one scary dude.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 11

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This guy's bat shit crazy. Also, if you follow his arguments to their logical conclusion (not something he's apparently capable of doing), then gay men are also being deprived of the 'remarkable chemicals' in semen. These are dangerously ancient, disproven ideas.


Pence loves him dearly.


Assholes like this guy should be grateful that I don't have means or opportunity.

Right there with you. Your talking about money to do good with right...........? ?

@patchoullijulie Yeah, right. That's what I mean. 😉
Good works. All day long.


Remarkable chemicals in semen? Sounds like a persuasive argument for a blow job and nothing more.

Is that potentially hazardous to my health ?

@Green_eyes Even if it were would you expect the man making the argument to admit it? Hell no!


He's a piece of work.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..eeeeeeeyeeeaaaah... christianity in a nutshell.

Remarkable chemicals, uh huh.....


Let me guess.. a trumpski appointed moron??


I am not even going to read this. I am so sick of the crap that they constantly spew. The headline tells me all I need to know ugh ?


Just wow...I suppose he is going to subsidize those households where one minimum-wage job doesn't pay the bills?

  • sigh *

The slow painful death of the GOP brings out such rabid desperation. I sometimes wonder just exactly how the history books of the future will capture this most wretched time in America.

  • shrugs * ðŸĪ”

(Oh. And ... LOL 😄 @ "remarkable chemicals in semen." I'm certain there's a non-PG13 joke in there. I'm not touching it publicly, however.) ðŸĪĢ


Can we find a way to ship him to the 1950s? That seems to be where he wants to be.


What a women-hating nut!


An intellectual tRump supporter


Wow. I have remarkable chemicals. I need a remarkable woman.

60's hit: "dreamin', I'm always dreamin".......... one the other hand, I just came available......

@AnneWimsey I think I remember something like that.


He needs to be placed in a psych ward and monitored for years!




Misogynistic asshat...


Where did he get his medical degree? what an ass.


"The flouridated water is draining our precious bodily fluids!"


Of course, he's a member of this wing-nut administration.


Specifically, what are those "remarkable chemicals" in semen?

IKR!! Lets put the chemicals in a capsule and swallow them so all women can benefit from them. I wonder what age females should start taking them. Maybe we could all become Amazon women!!

@HippieChick58 We are already Amazons!

@HippieChick58 Oh shite, can't we just eat kale and drink spirulina smoothies instead?ðŸĪŠ

@PalacinkyPDX Heck, no! I mean, how could it? It's the pure essence of ovaries.

, @patchoullijulie Methinks we would benefit a lot more from those "remedies."

@HippieChick58 wow. Always thinking ahead.

@Remowill It's because she is an Amazon.

@Remowill I try!! When you live alone you gotta be resourceful.

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