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Male circumcision, no matter what reason is barbaric and primitive.What's your take?

Humanlove 7 Feb 20

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It can be performed on a child only for a valid medical reason .Religious excused or the old chestnut about hygiene are not validAn adult can choose if he so wishes .


There is no need for circumcision in a first world country, especially on children too young to consent. Teach children how to clean themselves properly, vaccinate them to avoid disease. Genital mutilation on innocent children should be outlawed!


I was circumsised as an infant. I noticed in various places that us cut ones were the majority. However when my sons were born asked about it amd doctors won't do it anymore. My adult sons are happy to be intact


What about reason: medical? we had our son circumcised because his foreskin was extremely long, and a very small hole at the end. He would have had trouble with normal sex and even during urination.

Circumcised, he is rather more normal in that area and need not worry about it.

Otherwise I would say no reason.

That would be a good reason, was a partial one out of the question or did that just not come up as am option?

@Tesseract Honestly, it was a rough time and that was a trivial question really. I have boy/girl twins that were born @28weeks. Gus was 1lb 4oz and Olivia was 1lb 10oz.

They had a lot of other challenges that were far more critical, and I don't really recall if there was discussion about a partial.

One pet peeve of mine is referring to them as "Miracle Babies"

They were a fuckload of hard work babies, both for us and modern medicine. God, since he is not real, did nothing. I am too nice to call them out on it though, I don't like to argue that kind of stuff in person, too much like conflict, lol.


agree completely, I am amazed that people are willing to let it happen at all, and compare the outcry re female circumcision. I want to sue my parents and the doctors

Unless that child/person has recurrent infections that is.

@Tiffanny The way to avoid infection and disease is with proper hygiene, regular grooming, and vaccinations. Not with genital mutilation.

@BinaGee Mine was not mutilated, mine was liberated. My take, about Mine.

@Tiffanny I think that applies to almost anything though.

@GipsyOfNewSpain That's cool for you. But it must be a choice, not done to children too young to consent. Consent matters.

@BinaGee Unfortunately my son had a very poorly immune system so vaccination was not a great option at that time.

@BinaGee I can tell you this... I had never met a man that remembers the pain of circumcision, I asked my son... he don't remember. I told my story in another post of same theme... I finished mine when maybe 10 or so maybe later. With a shaving blade, cut by cut it was painful but felt it was what I wanted to do. Never said anything about it until a previous post about same theme. It felt it was what needed to be done. I wasn't told, I didn't read... Since I left the military I haven't gotten a vaccine. And you guys kind of associate vaccines to circumcision? I take circumcision over vaccine... the way you put it. And it was not Mutilation, It was Liberation. Next time choose a topic like breast implants, adults decisions.


There are mild infection risks but looking back I don't think I would have done it to my boys knowing what I know now. It has been customary not just because of religion.

MikeJ Level 4 Feb 20, 2018

I didn't have any say in it, but all I know is I didn't walk for a year afterwards.


I believe it fits the definition of both of those words. If I had a son I would probably consider not circumcising him. All that said, I am circumcised and I don't feel horribly wronged by it. I'm not it's the battle that I would choose to have.


We are at it Again? We just discussed this a week ago. Can't people check previous posts? Come on people!


I've read where circumcision was the prime indicator the Nazis used to identify Jewish boys. And I've even heard of Jewish boys trying to re-arrange things to look as if they weren't. To have a crime committed on a male, then be executed because of it, is ironic. As for me, I'm glad that I never had the procedure. And, there are times when its been a bonus - when a woman will only relate to non-cut males. Hooray!

We are not in Germany anymore!!!!


My take is if there is no problem then leave it be, although I've never had a son and so haven't had to be involved in the decision. I'm sure If I'd had a son I would have made a joint decision with the boy's father.

Did you see that Iceland is proposing to make it illegal? Link: []


Almost 30 years, I gave consent without even thinking about it honestly. I'd have done differently even 5 years later.

The first time I saw an uncircumcised adult penis I said, "Eww, what's wrong with it?"


I agree one hundred and ten percent.


Outside of medical necessity, it shouldn't be done. Female genital mutilation is frowned upon. Why isn't male?
*I don't have offspring, but if I did, or ever do, my son(s) will/would not be circumcised.


I refused to have my sons, born in 1989 and 1990 circunscised. My husband ,who had been circumscised as a newborn, was fully in agreement. Having lived many years in Europe showed me that this ridiculous procedure on our boys is unnecessary and cruel.


I was circumcised and don’t see a problem but neither do I see a necessity for doing it either. I tried to talk my daughter out of doing it to my grandson but failed. Latter on she told me she doubted she’d do it again.


I wouldn't want anybody taking a slice off my dick and I wouldn't wish it on anybody else


I agree it is so barbaric . Unless medially required, do not do this, Men lose 40 -60% sensitivity when the foreskin is removed. I want mine back

EMC2 Level 8 Feb 20, 2018

Genital mutilation, whether it's male or female, is appalling and unnecessary.
It really should be done away with.


if it is done for the sake of religion, i oppose it otherwise, i see nothing wrong with it. My parents chose not to circumcise me and i wish i was circumcised for the sake of easier hygiene.

You have the option to have it done as an adult, and it would be less painful now as anesthesia and pain control for adults is far better than for newborns. I only strongly oppose it for newborns, done without consent and without medical necessity. You want it done to yourself as an adult? Go for it dude - your body, your choice.

@ElizabethI at 46 years old its no longer important to me. I am OCD so i have compulsive Hygiene habits so i am good.
I would have perferred it done as a baby compared to a grown man who has erections. Can you imagine an erection after that surgery.....Yikes!


Male circumcision has been important in the control of hiv/aids in Africa. Plus unlike FGM it's sole purpose is not for control and subjugation. Not a battle l will choose to have too. Also, terms like barbaric and primitive are loaded.... pretty certain there are other practices that will be considered in the same light.

that's a lie..actually, if I didn't grew up in Africa,I would agree.


I had to be circumcised at about 15 because I literally couldn't see my bell end at all and when I pissed it blew up like a balloon. I was quite a young 15 too ie underdeveloped so took me ages to say anything and think of what to say. I remember after the operation I had stitches made of like fishing line that fell out when the wound had healed. they really dug into my underwear and itched like fuck. not good but I laugh about it now.


My son was circumcised at 17 and wished it had been done at birth, other than that I really don't care

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