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Anyone else want in on this?

It's a pro-Christian Facebook group that popped up in my feed, presumably as sponsored content. They said "Ask any question, no matter how silly" so I rose to the bait and asked my favourite: "If a 14 year old girl is raped, and that rape results in pregnancy, does that mean that the rape was God's will?"

There's a dialogue that follows. The usual glib crap about how God will find a way to make it (rape) all good in the end. They're now hoping that I find Jesus (no plans to go to Mexico, so it seems unlikely.)

Link (if you fancy joining in): []

NicoleCadmium 7 Feb 20

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I was married to one of these people for way too long. Had to listen to this crap for over 40 years. I despise the religious right and that IS most of them.


Come visit me. I could introduce you to Jesus 10-12 times before lunch. You could choose the one you like best.


Wasn't Mary supposed to be like 13 or 14? So it seems God is down for it.


You're not gonna win ya know. All they want is for you to come around to their way of thinking

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