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LINK Noah's Ark in Kentucky: Full-Scale Park Open to the Public

So, I guess the unicorns missed their boat ride? Explains why there are no more unicorns?

By balou8
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Funded with tax dollars. And I thought that was illegal. Silly me.

freeofgod Level 8 Jan 18, 2019

Dinosaurs and humans DID live together. Just ask Fred Flintstone! ?


They're losing SO much money!

KKGator Level 9 Jan 18, 2019

It has pretty much been a bust: []

Dinosaurs? Really??


It’s been open for three years. I was there almost 2 years ago.

Were you convinced?

@jlynn37 lol no. We went just to see the spectacle of it all.

@SkotlandSkye Did you get evicted for laughing out loud and creating a scene? lol

@JackPedigo no , but they did ask me to stop photographing every display. I think they knew I was going to turn it all into memes and share it all on atheist Facebook pages.

@SkotlandSkye Or you were a spy from their enemy, FFRF.

@JackPedigo so funny story, I emailed FFRF all my photos....because taxpayers paid for that monstrosity and that is wrong and against the law.

@SkotlandSkye From my understanding taxpayers were not supposed to pay for it but we did subsidize it and with the low attendance the subsidy has not been repaid. If this were any other 'business' the state would have foreclosed.

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