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This is hilarious... because it is true!? ?

BeeHappy 9 Jan 20

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Sorry, you may not be on the apps listed but still have a web presence. I was googling this guy I’m supposed to be going on a business trip with in October and his reputation score came up that said he had a criminal history. He has a very unique name so I know it’s him. 😱 I’m pretty sure he didn’t put that out there.

If you looked at MyLife, disregard everything. They just make up stuff, and most people don't know they even have a profile there, so they don't try to correct the false information.

@Ms_McSteven Nope, it wasn’t my life.


Guess I would seem about the same way as I am on FB but have very limited info about me. Fortunately
my generation isn't as wrapped up in social media as those kids. I think that for the most part social media is such superficial BS and this site is about the only website I spend much time on. Because it is the FB, if you will, of intellectuals and thinking people rather than FB, which is the social media of the same shallow assholes that I despised in high school and were the in crowd back then.


Only matched by the "what do you look like?" inanity!


Apt satire.


Too funny!

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