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LINK Melissa Joan Hart told her 6-year-old son that only people who believe in Jesus are 'good' — and people are calling her out for 'casual anti-Semitism'

Awwww... Isn't this great? Teaching her son how to dislike/distrust those that don't believe as he and his mom does...

DGJ0114 7 Jan 21

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Casual simple mindism more like


For those wondering why it’s deemed casual “anti-semitism” when clearly its anti-non-Christians, the context is that, child is transferring to a school with lots of Jewish classmates.

@maturin1919 “now that you’re going to school with people who don’t believe in Jesus, you need to be careful because they might be bad people.”

@maturin1919 I consider it anti-atheist when people say atheists are bad people because they don’t believe in god. You don’t actually have to say “Jews are bad people” to imply anti-Semitism.


Stupidity shared begets stupidity tenfold in return.


I'll bet you Dollars to Donuts it was the ADL who said this those guy would see even one of their own going to the toilet as an anti semitic act because it might imply that they as defenders of the Jews are full of shit.


I don't know that necessarily is (or isn't) anti-Semitic, but it's the same argument deployed by evangelicals against atheists, "the unchurched", sometimes Catholics, basically anyone who disagrees with them. Because Christian fundamentalism isn't about being good, or kind, or loving ... it's about being right, doctrinally correct, and ideologically pure, at any cost. Including, as we now clearly know, overlooking Trump's pussy-grabbing and immigrant-child-traumatizing (because Supreme Court Justices and repealing the Johnson amendment trumps all); overlooking Roy Moore's many accusers and established past reputation as a person who makes unwanted advances on underage girls (because he "stands up to godless influences" ), etc. There's basically no level they won't lower themselves to, in order to obtain temporal power.

So it's a lot more than anti-Semitism. It's anti-disagreement, anti-hated-other, regardless of Jewishness. It's the wet dream of establishing a theocracy. It's forcing their rules on people outside their own group. Hell, it's about destroying the whole damned republic.

It's about destroying morality and decency.


I know to many folks that appears to be ridiculous to identify that speech as "casual anti-Semitism" but I can tell you that Christians who make a big deal about ONLY wanting to be around Christians is really code for "NO JEWS ALLOWED". It's meaning is very deliberate and specific. It's not casual, and many Christians read it loud and clear as code for anti-Jewish. I have heard Christian business people say they want only to deal with Christian businesses meaning the same thing. Or neighborhoods who only want Christians in their neighborhood. I heard a lot of that in the northeast part of the country. It really the same as a white racist calling a black adult male "Boy".

OCJoe Level 6 Jan 21, 2019

A dog whistle term


I wonder what’s more damaging - Teaching your kid that anyone who is not a Christian might not be a good person, or teaching him that everyone who does believe in Jesus automatically IS...

Also... Ironic that as such a devout Christian she made a whole lot of money and gained fame playing a witch?


I thought the whole original sin thing meant that everyone was bad (sinners)? Isn't it weird how certain dogmas are dropped when convenient? I know most Christians think that believing in Jesus "saves" you from your sinful, fallen you can go to heaven anyway, but it doesn't make you "good".


Considering the sexual assault of boys within the church, telling them only believers are good people seems dangerous. But what do I know.

Ah but you see people who do that are not Proper/real Christians, or at least that is what they tell one another to excuse this perversity.

@LenHazell53 Facepalm


Burn the witch!

" 'Ow do you know she is a witch?"

@LenHazell53 she ways less than a duck

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