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LINK Colorado Gov. Jared Polis permits jobless benefits for federal employees working without pay

Perhaps if all the nation's governors would do this, 45 would realize that he's got nothing to bargain with? You know, that he couldn't keep holding federal workers hostage anymore.

KKGator 9 Jan 21

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Welcome to States rights, versus Federal rights.

Worked real well for Black WWII GI's in a lot of southern states - to get the GI Bill passed states had to be allowed to say who got the benefits. Just sayin' - there's states rights and then there's states rights.


Pelosi is the school girl in the playground with Trump. She could have ended this weeks ago. I gotta tell you, the bias on the part of the news media both here and USA , is very disheartening. Lies and suggestive comments from so called unbias sources. Isn't the media obligated to be unbias? How else do we trust it/them?

No. She is right to deny him his vanity project.
45 is being a petulant child. He said he'd own the shutdown. Let him own it.
You do NOT give in to a child who is throwing a tantrum.
No wall. EVER.
This is ALL on 45 and McConnell. The democrats offered a compromise weeks ago, the republicans would have passed it, and if it hadn't been for Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, 45 would have signed off on it.

Don't blame Pelosi. She's the ONLY one standing up to that orange shitstain.

Problem is, too many of ‘us’ have been getting our ‘news’ from a source that, when pinned down, describes itself as being ‘fox entertainment,’ not news. So when compared to a total distortion, honest news appears unbelievable!

As far as Pelosi.. trump’s simply met his match.

[edited to put trump in lower case, where he belongs]


Great news but I wonder how long time will it take for them to be able to collect the benefits?

Actually, those workers who have been furloughed have already been eligible for benefits for a little bit now. They've already started collecting.
Granted, it's only at 60% of their regular pay rate, but it's better than nothing.
Those who have been told that they have to work without pay, are now eligible for benefits.
I imagine that upon completion and approval of their applications, benefits are available.
I think they're expediting as much as possible.
As long as they agree to repay the money they receive, IF they get their backpay. If they don't, they don't have to pay the money back.


Those damn progressive states! What kind of a humanitarian example are they setting?!

Varn Level 8 Jan 21, 2019

Excellent. A class act!

It would be really helpful if republican governors would do it, too.
And pressure their Senators to publicly support it.

@KKGator it would. Im not holding my breath though

@Livinlife Oh, I know. I suggest perfectly reasonable stuff all the time.
Nobody listens to me.

@KKGator lol! I think you make a lot of sense. Thats why I don't expect republicans to do it




Go Colorado. Damn I wish I had moved there when I had the chance.

You ain't dead yet, Paula!!!
And you're a helluva lot closer to CO than I am!!!!

😉 daughter’s have an eye on it.. And said they’d invite me 😀

@Varn One of my kids makes frequent trips out there... lots of concerts and sight seeing.

@HippieChick58 Both mine flew into a concert last summer, too! One loved it, the other couldn’t stand the traffic…


Totally agree...all the States need to do this and beat His Royal Assyness at his own game...


It's fair.

Or pelosi and the dems could just come back to the table...

@Cat021958 There's that, also.

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