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Billy Graham, dead today at 99. Estimated net worth: $25 million
His son, Franklin Graham: average salary of close to $900,000 a year.
And the Bible says,”Those who have been blessed with wealth must give generously with the poor” Matthew 25:31 “and avoid greed” Luke 12:13

So, you think the Graham family cherry picks what they preach? Makes me sick.

Jesusluvsu 6 Feb 21

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ALL religious people cherry pick what they preach and choose to believe.


The vast gulf between the way that religious leaders lead their lives and the way that Jesus Christ is supposed to have lived his life is sickening. You have charlatans like Billy Graham sitting on vast wealth and the Pope and his bishops living in palaces ... only the brain washing of their followers prevents them being hounded out of office.


My first thought was, THANK GOD!! LOL

You mean thank dog. I saw the notice and felt like for once he actually brought me joy. Terrible, the ways some of these people move others.

@JackPedigo yes dog.


Billy Graham was just con a man who believed in his own con. The same applies to Franklin Graham and ALL religious con artists. IMHO


The first thing that came to mind was the old quote "Dead? I didn't even know he was still alive."


This is one of the times when I wish hell was real. If anyone deserves to burn for eternity, it's Billy Graham. Holding a spot for dear ole Franklin.


Some of the christian hypocrisy. It is all about the power and the money. Am sure he willed his fortune to the less fortunate.

sarcasm here? If so, I like your statement!

@PrairieMoon Yes, sarcasm. My way to deal with a lot of what is going on in the US.


Avarice, in one way or another, is almost a universal disease. We humans are not as cognitively developed as many of us want to believe.


My condolences to his family and friends. I didn't like the man, but I think initially, he was sincere in his faith and later realized how lucrative the business of Christianity was.

@Hugh My guess is when he eventually realized it was all bunk, but felt he was in too deep --- the cost/loss (for him) would be significant, he decided to make the best of it, e.g., reap the benefits of a charlatan.

@ScienceBiker Your link doesn't work, but I'll Google. Thx.

Since his family and friends profited from his, no condolences for them.

@VictoriaNotes I think when a lot of these people get started they believe what they are pushing. Only later do they see the errors. Some, as we both know, are brave and step away. Others see the power and money it brings and become even more "holy". I also know some are brought up in a household where this is a business. His son, Franklin, carries on his father's charade. []

@JackPedigo Sorry, I couldn't read the link. The Washington Post now has a paywall. Even one of Billy Graham's close friends, who had left the faith confronted him about the scientific evidence that negates young earth creationism, but Graham would have none of it. The bible was literally true because he felt the power when he preached it, he said. I'm paraphrasing. So it's true because he felt it was. This is very telling to me.

Billy Graham and Charles Templeton In Dialogue

"In the course of our conversation I said, ‘But, Billy, it’s simply not possible any longer to believe, for instance, the biblical account of creation. The world was not created over a period of days a few thousand years ago; it has evolved over millions of years. It’s not a matter of speculation; it’s a demonstrable fact.’

‘I don’t accept that’ Billy said. ‘And there are reputable scholars who don’t.’

‘Who are these scholars?’ I said. ‘Men in conservative Christian colleges[?]’

[Tweet “I believe the Genesis account of creation because it’s in the Bible. “]

‘Most of them, yes,’ he said. ‘But that is not the point. I believe the Genesis account of creation because it’s in the Bible. I’ve discovered something in my ministry: When I take the Bible literally, when I proclaim it as the word of God, my preaching has power. When I stand on the platform and say, ‘God says,’ or ‘The Bible says,’ the Holy Spirit uses me.

I don’t have the time or the intellect to examine all sides of the theological dispute, so I’ve decided once for all to stop questioning and accept the Bible as God’s word.’

‘But Billy,’ I protested, ‘You cannot do that. You don’t dare stop thinking about the most important question in life. Do it and you begin to die. It’s intellectual suicide.'”

‘I don’t know about anybody else,’ he said, ‘but I’ve decided that that’s the path for me.'”

(Farewell to God, 7-8 )

So, essentially, he threw his family to the sidelines (like the Bible commands) because he "felt" power. And of course, that power paid him handsomely. Why am I not surprised?

@VictoriaNotes Thank you for this. Why should we not be surprised. Funny, the link works for me. It was about his marriage and how the kids were brought up.


Racist. bigot


For the life of a roach....but as soon as I read he had passed this song got in my head.


Focusing on this guy and money is not the real issue here.

All religions are about money. All of them.

They all want your hand on your heart, while your head's up your arse, and their hand is in your pocket.

As I said in my own post on this, it's his, and others like him, influence on evangelicalism, political evangelicalism, the corruption of American conservatism by religious reactionary conservatives, and you can draw a line right up to Trumpism.

When the history is fully written about him, it won't be the money issue that sticks. That's a side issue. It's the corruption by Christian reactionaries, like him, of politics and governance.

That was my point in my post on this.


Making money out of a false god, says it all


His compound is a few miles away from me.


He was a con man and so is his son

Isn't religion and organization made of con men?


Billy Graham was an honorable man. Franklin is not.


I think every christian I met cherry-picks, this is both bad and good. The moderates tend to stick with the better stuff, although their reasons are still equally ridiculous as the overzealous type. At least theres not that many people stoning people to death or killing their children for being disobedient, just like the 'good book' tells them to.


They say only the good die young.


All religions pick and choose what they will follow as it fits with their life. Even Mother Theresa wasn't as angelic as she appeared. Everyone could have their needs met and we could all live in peace without the likes of greedy religious hypocrites like this man and his family.


Depends on how much people have benefited from their donations.


I never liked him even when I was an evangelical. Never liked "sawdust trail" type evangelists / preachers. Although I must admit Billy was relatively benign compared to the most red-faced, bloviating examples of same. Or he was by the time he became famous anyway.

Also, ironically, he founded the magazine Christianity Today which for years was representative of the relatively liberal wing of evangelicalism. How times hath changed.

Billy is a paragon of virtue compared to his son Franklin, who is one of the more craven right-wing nutters and a very prominent liar for Jesus. So mostly I regard Billy making it to age 99 as a bad sign for how long we'll have to put up with Franklin.


Hypocrites and charlatans.
That he is being lauded is disgusting.

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