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What’s the worst “nice” compliment you’ve received?

Pre-Junior prom picture gather thing a girl told me I should wear makeup more often.

DaphneDarling 7 Jan 24

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"Aren't you a little young to be a surgeon? Are you sure you can do it?"
Well then, guess who got bumped to the last surgery slot of the day and had to wait, mwahahaha.


I never know if I'm getting cut or complemented. I have heard someone say to a woman not long after getting married, "Your husband must be a good cook". I was then told that that person called that woman fat. Hahahahaha!


You remind me of john beluschi... in a job interview...


At my HS reunion: Oh, you look so thin! I had Gained 40 lbs........


I had a tough case before the IRS but came well prepared and ready to show every single document to the agents for my client...after we won, the agent said:

You handled yourself like a man....



Shaking hands with opposing counsel after losing a trial.

Me: Hey, you did a great job.
Her: You too. You are on your way to being a good lawyer.
Me: ........


"You are so well spoken. I can't believe you are Mexican". For the record I am 6th generation living in Texas. The boarded crossed us.

Wachu mean? I chood be talkin lak dees? (Insert bad Cheech accent)

People are assholes.

@Bierbasstard nice, funny.

I get that, too, only insert Japanese...

Good one

@thinktwice this might be of interest topic for the dating. Because I had something like this happen on a date.

@Mokvon yeah...for me, it was a big hurdle because white guys in particular had some stupid notion that just because my eyes were slanted, so were my private parts...such a stupid and racist thing...there are a lot of sexist/racist things attributed to the sexuality of Asian woman...we are not all small, tiny, submissive, blah, blah, blah...first dates were often last dates for me because I never put up with that shit....

@thinktwice LMAO! I like to go to galleries and museums on my days off. I made the acquaintance of one lady (anglo and affluent) that I ran into often at one museum. We spoke often about many topics. And on one occasion she asked to become her escort to parties and other functions. Turns out she was the museum curator. I had to ask why she was interested in me. She was forthright and said I could fit in with her crowd. At the first gathering I learned it was because I was of Mexican descent. I was a 40 year old boy toy. In central Texas it is a plus.

@Mokvon In the scheme of all that is happening in the world, there are worse things, I think, than people trying hard to figure out anything about those of us with other culture backgrounds. I give points for effort if I feel there is a genuine desire to own up to stereotypes and misconceptions and learn...we can all learn more about each other and even laugh when it is done in this manner.

A Mexican boy toy...yeah...I can see that...ha ha ha ha

@thinktwice I feel dirty now. To be honest my Spanish suck! I only got better dealing with patients at work who don't speak english well.

@Mokvon lol I don't speak Japanese at all...and oddly, I probably speak Spanish better than you...too funny...what a mixed up group we all are! ha ha ha

@thinktwice picture clinical 30 years ago. Doctor with learning Spanish as most do in Texas. Well he was delivering a baby. I and a dozen people standing watching and learning.
He was saying to mom "push" in Spanish which is "Empujar". He shortened the word to "pujar". So he was "pujar, pujar,pujar,then at came out "puta,puta,puta. At first I thought I was not hearing right. But sure enough he kept saying puta, puta,puta. I started to giggle. As did a few others. The nurse in charge came back room and corrected him. The look he gave us. Ran from the room scared.

@Mokvon Oh no!!!!!!! Even little kids know what that word means....ha ha ha ha

There are also a lot of "c" words that people get can either be crazy in the head or kissing my ass...ha ha ha


I like blokes with a Dad-bod


You look like Rhea Perlman.

Cold. I hope you slap them.

@Mokvon I'm not a jerk. The only similarity is my hair and some can't see past that.


You look good with a few extra pounds.


You'd look really nice without all (waves all-encompassing hand in my direction)... this.

At the time, 'this' was...

@DaphneDarling it was a look based around minimal input from me. Oh, and the desire to grow lots of hair while I had the chance.

@DaphneDarling thanks!


“You look great, for a woman your age.”

UUNJ Level 8 Jan 24, 2019


So annoying.



i can't think of one i've received but my mom received the following:

you don't look jewish; you're pretty!


you don't act jewish; you're nice!


That's hilarious.

Sorry. But it is!

WTF? THOUGH I will say one of my Jewish friends said to me once " so and so may be jewish" I said Why and she said because she looks Jewish! I was horrified and she laughed.

@DaphneDarling i wasn't there but my impression is that it was NOT the same person! i also think she had this kind of backhanded compliment a lot throughout her life.


@GreatNani weird, huh? a friend of mine once pointed to a guy walking across the street and refer to him as a "dirty jew." i said "what's his being jewish have to do with whatever you've got against him? you're jewish and so am i! why do you say that about him?" she started listing bad qualities he had, none of which had to do with being jewish, nor even with false stereotypes about jews. they were just bad qualities. so i asked her what it had to do with being jewish and she wouldn't change her assessment of him. self-hatred is the worst kind of hatred.



You look just like Steve Buscemi.


A lady friend of mine, who unfortunately has already passed away, thought I was portable: she felt like putting me in her purse and take me home.


Had a local pool comp, killer. Knock out, winner takes all sort of thing. Bet small money. I kept coming second and got told I was the best player as most consistent......never got the pot though.
Its like "Yeah great. Thanks"


“You’d look a lot prettier if you’d wear make-up.”

@Maiasaura sad.

@DaphneDarling Whenever people say things like that, I always respond that I prefer to be loved for my inner beauty. I had a discussion about this topic with my nephew-in-law once, who is 20 years younger than I. He said to me, “there is nothing wrong with guilding the lily”, which I do consider words of wisdom. I wear make-up when I get “dressed up”, like when I go dancing, because it DOES make people find me more attractive. And I get to dance more. So, the bottom line is, people do prefer “more attractive” people.

@DaphneDarling um, no I did not.

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