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What do you like to do to relieve stress?

Besides sex and masturbation. 😛

I like making YouTube videos and listening to music.

VictoriaNotes 9 Nov 2

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I prefer to write. This effectively removes stresses and allows me to think.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 28, 2018

I prefer to talk a long walk or go hiking somewhere. Since stress is a natural part of life, nature in and of itself is a good remedy for stress.

I couldn't agree more. There's been a good bit of research showing just how true that is.


Somehow the right piece of music comes along to relieve any tension. Weights and exercise also give relief.

"the right piece of music"

Well said. Sometimes it might be the right music to bring me to tears whether happy or sad, and crying can certainly relieve stress. I read a study a few years ago that tears release toxins. It stated that tears that are produced by stress help the body get rid of chemicals that raise cortisol, the stress hormone.

They also found that several of the chemicals present in emotional crying are the protein prolactin, adrenocorticotropic hormones, and the endorphin leucine-enkephalin, which reduces pain. Thanks for sharing.


ATM, over half of the comments here don't show a like button (yet), but just wanted to say thanks for commenting.

I'm doing my part


Thank you! 🙂


Tantric beer consumption.



Without weed and yoga I wouldn’t be sober or sane.

😀 Pass the pipe, please.


I veg in front of the computer like I'm doing now. 🙂

That works for me as well, so long as I'm not reading U.S. news or rants from evangelicals.


Stress? What stress, I farm for a living if I stressed about things I would have been dead long ago.

And denial ain't just a river in Egypt. 😀


Talking to my flowers relaxes me .

That's sweet. Looking at flowers definitely relaxed me. Maybe I should try talking to them, too. 😀

Stomping flower can be relaxing, too, I understand that it is very therapeutic.


I like a good massage.

And I'm off to get one right now. Bye.

I'm jealous. A deep-tissue massage works wonders. waves


Go and potter in my workshop, not doing anything in particular but just a bit of tidying up and perhaps repairing or cleaning a machine that needs it.

Distraction. Occupying your mind with non-stressful thoughts. Good one. A lot of people can't do that though, which is why they may turn to meditation. I never got much out of meditation, but I find that distraction works wonders.


All of these are pretty good, I also like playing music and drawing. Taking in a nice view and bird watching are good stress relief too.

Dave, what do you like to draw?

I like to draw landscapes Victoria, most often outback desert mountain scenes but also sometimes the temperate zones of Australia, coastal views and cities. For something completely different I also work on drawings inspired by trips to the Arctic and Antarctica, I'm fascinated by snow and we don't get a lot here. However sketching people can be a bit stressful, it can be quite a challenge to get a good likeness sometimes.


I fell in love with Australia's landscapes after watching the movie The Earthling. It's an 80's movie, and one of my all-time favorites. I have a friend who lives in Tasmania -- Hobert. So he gets snow every once in a while. Waves and falling snow are very relaxing to me. Maybe sometime you can share a few of your drawings with us. 🙂

I live in the South (U.S), so getting snow here is a rarity, as well. Seven years ago, we got several inches of snow during the Christmas/New Years holiday. It was spectacular. My sister and I took pictures, and I added them to music in a video. Some were taken at my sister's place, some at my place, and maybe two at the college my brother-in-law teaches at.

Your video would relieve stress for sure Victoria. Snow is very rare here in South Australia and doesn't stay on the ground long.

You can see some of my drawings here if you're interested

and here's one of my videos


Wow! Mind blown. What an adventurous life you're living, Dave, and your talent is top-notch. Were you a part of the dive team? I subbed to your YT channel. I also loved the video of you bike-riding. I gather you've been chased before by wallabies and/or kangaroos? 😀

All your drawings on your FB page are spectacular, it's hard to choose a favorite.

Thank you so much for sharing, and for your kind words. You're a pro, and I'm an amateur, but either way, it gets the de-stressing job done, eh?

Thank you Victoria, I've subbed to your YT too and will go back to look at the neurological videos. I was one of the snorkelers, it was an amazing experience having an orca swim by and look me in the eye, the on board orca expert said it can be a life changing experience and it was quite incredible to see the intelligence in their eye, they were just as interested in us as we were in them. I'm glad you love my bike video, that was emus that chased me, luckily I was going down hill! It was the fathers protecting their young, they're interesting animals, the females find a male then leave them to incubate the eggs and raise the chicks. Then the females go and find another male and do it again.

Thank you for complimenting me on my drawings, I spend a lot of time on them, I think it's ok to have more than one favourite.

Also thanks for starting this great discussion it's been interesting looking at all the responses. I'm not sure that I'm much of a pro, that might suggest I make a lot of money which I don't, I just spend a lot of time doing the things I enjoy, which is de-stressing.


The first time I went snorkeling was in Destin, FL along the jetties. I wept. Lol I kinda, sorta know what you mean.

Your drawings will likely be famous someday if they're not already. Sad that there's a historical trend where artists of your caliber are not fully appreciated for their brilliance until after they're deceased.

Thanks for subbing to my YT channel, although I haven't made videos in about 2 years. I used free software that came with my laptop (Windows 7), so my creativity was limited. I just found it a great way to relieve stress through distraction.

Thanks for the clarification about the emus. I couldn't really tell what animal it was because you were moving, so I assumed a wallaby or kangaroo. 😀

I don't worry about if I'll be famous or not, I don't want to be thinking will this make me famous when I'm working, I don't want that sort of pressure, the most important thing is to make art that I think is good. However a little bit of fame might mean I don't have to look for other work and can spend more time drawing. It would be much better to have fame when I'm alive as I won't know about it if it happens while I'm dead!

You should try a better editing program sometime so your creativity is less limited, Pinnacle is good and easy to use. You can't it for less than $100. I still use it occasionally on my old PC but mostly use a professional program on a Mac now but it's not as easy to use as Pinnacle.

That's a funny video with the kangaroo giving chase, I couldn't see if there was a reason it went after them. Males can be quite dangerous sometimes but usually don't come after you if you just back away from them and leave them alone. 8)


Walk, Swim, Lift Weights, Get a massage.

BD66 Level 7 Nov 3, 2017

Endorphin heaven. 😀


I like playing world of tanks and world of warships. Blowing other people up is a great stress reliever. I also like to read and occasionally turn on the TV mostly as background noise.

"Blowing other people up is a great stress reliever."



A weed smoker, I don't experience stress very often.
Imagine a 'smiley' here (don't know where to find them.)

Here you go. Scroll down to the bottom.


I like to listen to music or read a book. I also will take my dog for a walk.


Pick up my guitar, sit at the piano, or fire up my bike for a nice cruise.


I like hiking in the desert with my camera.


I like to have all kinds of sex

I see you didn't read any further than the title. LOL


Sit down with a big fat cigar and a bottle of scotch.


I Paint, Draw or Tattoo


It depends on my stress level, LOL. Sometimes it's reading/listening to a book... watching a funny movie (or a sad one if I need a cry)... but the one thing that works out my spikey aura the best is drawing. And I usually forget that it works the best, LOL. Like right now I've had the start of a graphite portrait on my easel for about a month... and not getting it finished is starting to stress me out. LOL

LOL -- I know the feeling.


I am headed to my Deer stand about 2:30,that does it for me.


I Ride my motorcycle, Ride my spin bike, play with my dogs, go to accupuncture. Hang out with my good friends, eat good food and drink good beer.


Chess, art, gardening, travel, watching humorous films, meeting friends...... writing poems/stories/jokes......

I love watching movies with humor. It doesn't have to be a comedy per se. I agree --- humor can be a great way to relieve stress.


Go for a hike, listen to music, meditate, teach my dog to howl, fantasize about boating around the world, and Jane Austen. Oh, and yoga.

"teach my dog to howl" -- love it! Have you seen this? 😀

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