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Do you think some religious attitudes could be the downfall of the human race?

I always thought that this could be quite probable, I noticed that many with abrahamic faith are content with let the world burn, because "god wouldn't let that happen to us, god will protect us." There is also so much we're gods chosen so we can pollute all we want, it doesn't matter. Many also want to bring about the end times. I also noticed science started to be discredited and replace with opinions that people already considered favorable in the USA.

AustinSkepticus 7 Feb 22

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That is obvious. Look at the child abuse that occurs among the religious, the praying instead of medical, the violence and subjection of people and the refusal to allow the growth of knowledge, art or reasoning.


I 'll be watching out for that ark building course.


So many of the alt right christians in the US believe in the " end of days " . They actively seek and end of the world as we know it.


I do sometimes notice a balance between say those that pollute and those that take care of the seas and remove the plastic etc. We have a think going here to pick up five pieces of plastic off the beach every day so maybe it will filter down in time when we get laws - (oh thats funny we do have littering laws)


It is not so much the toxicity of ideas that make the day as to the power of its adherence.
All societies have had bad ideas and much higher levels of religious belief than present and yet we have made it this far.
We may destroy ourselves yet. I think it may be for our forgetting what we have learned and created and not for the tales we remember.


No it will probably be a small penis


The greatest flaw to religion is the demand of the few to be shepherds of many. Religion is inbred.


Many could be, but in the end the biggest one would be faith. It is faith that allows them to deny the discoveries made and proven by science.


A big one for me is the self-fulfilling prophecy of Armageddon and the rapture. A lot of those folks want it bad enough that they will vote for someone that wouldn't be afraid of pulling the trigger or pushing the button. Does that sound familiar?

gearl Level 7 Feb 22, 2018

@gearl Yes it does, I'll be very surprised if we don't get in a war with NK during this administration, and yes with nukes involved.

  • God gave us Dominion over the Earth and its creatures: so whatever we do to it is cool, because we are made in God's image; it's God's will! Slash 'n burn; drill baby drill...

  • The Bible said so, and God's word is inerrant, so if Science says otherwise, Science is wrong: don't trust Science! It's a false religion! (Everything you need to know is in the Bible, anyway.)

  • Just have faith: don't lean on your own understanding. Don't think about it too much. Questioning is disrespectful at least, and apostasy at worst. Thinking, knowledge, and understanding are not required for this.

  • Reward for the righteous and God's will: it doesn't matter what the results of your actions are in this "fallen world"--as long as you follow God's law--you'll get your reward in the life to come. So picket that funeral! Refuse service to those faggots! Shoot those abortion doctors! Nevermind the pain and suffering you may cause--it's all part of God's will, which you are called to deliver! And bear up patiently under any persecution you may suffer--you'll be richly rewarded for your faithful service!

  • Insularity: don't mix with those sinners. Keep your children away from evil influences. Send them to schools where they will only learn what we want them to know. We're better than them. Don't get to know them, try to understand them, meet them where they are. Maintain your air of moral superiority at all times: we are God's chosen people--they are going to hell.

All we need is another few generations of insular, science-hating, religious-freedom zealot separatists to form their own communities of significant size that refuse to engage with broader governance and pro-social, pro-community activities to incubate the next killer flu or something like that... Or withhold enough votes that would keep us from going to war... or avert the next global-scale ecological disaster that slowly kills people... shudder I don't like this game anymore...

@atheist Man, I hope you are right, and mostly I hope the species survives another 100 yrs, that is my concern.


I think there are a lot of very intelligent religious people. That being said, religion tends to lead towards blindly self destructive behaviors. Like tithing to one of the richest entities on earth, or refusing proper health care. The catholic church in particular is generally a force for suffering, not relief.



I think selfish, tribal human attitudes will be the downfall of the human race.

Add religion to that mix and you have the perfect doomsday storm.


That's because religious people tend to be stupid AF.

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