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What do you all think of this?

I feel like a person can change. Its about what a person is doing now, and not always focusing a persons past. We all have a past don't we?

By twshield8
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So many of these bad choices from the past are cropping up. I think we'd be more forgiving if people would own up immediately and apologize profusely. I know it's not always that simplistic. I also think there's almost mob mentality in our society right now..on BOTH sides of the political spectrum.


An apology is good enough for me, but that’s just my white privilege speaking I suppose.


I would be going after the school for putting it in the yearbook. They should have been expelled. I think ow un that time people tolerated it, but this was bad. He should resign.


Well, I can't throw any rocks. Can any of you?

Fuck yes, really big ones.

As in we have all done things we regret, so... "let he who hasn't sinned cast the first stone"?

I tend to want to give him a break for something he did over 35 years ago. I'd be more concerned about if he continued to do stuff like that, but evidently he hasn't, or at least nothing has come to light as of yet. If there was a second instance, than I'd swing over the fence, as opposed to just sitting on it, and say he probably shoudl resign. In the meantime, I'd just consider him to be on a kind of "probation" and watch him closely to make sure he doesn't (still) carry racist attitudes.

His performance, as reported by the media, gives no indication of racism, so let him prove he is not the same guy with the poor judgement in the photo, but that he has changed.

@snytiger6 It is the fact the SOB is lying about the whole thing. He is a spineless turd. I will be happy to throw rocks at this guy untill I am to tired to throw them.


He needs to go. He won't own it. He is not much of a man, and certainly no leader. Douchebag deluxe!

Sticks48 Level 9 Feb 2, 2019

To resign over this would be absurd

jacl Level 2 Feb 2, 2019

I think we try and hold persons in public office to a standard we don't hold ourselves to. The saying is "to know better is to do better" and from what I've seen of his record he has known and done better in the 40 years since the picture was taken.

GwenC Level 7 Feb 2, 2019

what is his behavior now?I mean beyond apologies and such.

btroje Level 9 Feb 2, 2019

@twshield even if has changed you really have to wonder about putting something like that in your MEDICAL SCHOOL yearbook no matter the year

@twshield you seem pretty neutral to me


I think he can be a changed person outside of the office of Governor. His claim that he can't even remember which costume he wore is either a bald faced lie, or, he dressed up so often he can't remember the specific occasion. People like that shouldn't be leading a parade of clowns and jugglers, let alone leading a state.

@twshield, yesterday he started with "I don't think that's me". Then, "One of them is me, but I don't know which." Later, "I apologize, I was wrong." But now, today, "I'm not in that picture." That tells me he is in the picture, he knows which one, he thought it was funny at the time, and he's naive to think it wouldn't surface. This isn't your standard "I didn't inhale" lie. This is a giant slap in the face to his own voters.


There is nothing criminal or illegal in this poor choice of displays. The voters will decide come the next election. Just as Rep. (as in reprehensible) Steve King should not resign for his opinions, neither should the governor. Make amends in action. Tour schools & explain why this is an unacceptable & not humorous aspect of our history. Show leadership, & turn this fiasco into a teachable moment by modeling how one handles the sins of ones past in a public forum.

Mooolah Level 8 Feb 2, 2019

Politicians aren't allowed to be young and dumb, don'tcha know?

@twshield Exactly.


I think it is very fortunate that I will never be judged on the stupid things I did as a youngster, but saying that, I would NEVER have done something so overtly racist. He has apologised and he sounded sincere. We all make mistakes. I think he should be encouraged to spend time really understanding how racism affects people.

Amisja Level 8 Feb 2, 2019

But now, BREAKING NEWS, he's claiming he's not even in the picture. His story keeps changing, which tells me he's ashamed of the truth.

@HomeAloneSunday In that case he doesn't get it and should resign.

@twshield, look at the movie "White Chicks". The whole plot. The entire reason for their use of whiteface. It's very, very different from the history of blackface. Apples and oranges.

@twshield, yes, for the purpose of portraying black people as lazy, shiftless, and untrustworthy. It was to make fun of them, humiliate them, for laughs.

@twshield, you've never actually seen the movie, or read the IMDB page, have you? They weren't portraying me, my daughter, my white women friends. I agree that most rich girls are privileged. It was a COMEDY, and the girls were representative of Paris Hilton, who IS dumb and silly.

Why don't you just cut to the chase? You have no problem with blackface or the KKK. Either that, or you just need a lot of extra attention today.

@twshield In the 1970s in UK they had this things on TV called 'the Black and White Minstrel show'. It was loads of men in exaggerated 'black face', singing with white women. It was variety and my parents would never have allowed that on their TV (more to do with it being low brow than the racial aspect). It was racist then and certainly wouldn't be accepted in 2019. It is the idea that an entire group of human beings can be banded together based on what? Slight variation in haplotype which is at its most complex a set of genetic determinants located on a single chromosome. This guy possibly had some misguided notion of making a statement, or being outrageous. I have known 100s medical students and they all work bloody hard and play harder. I am a forgiving person and strongly believe a life can be rehabilitated. However he MUST own this. It is wrong.

@twshield Back in the day we had slavery. What is your point?

@twshield Just because it existed doesn't make it ok. Capiche?

@twshield I have zero tolerance for racism. He was old enough to no better. This was not in the 50's or 60's, and now he is lying about the whole thing. He is also a coward. Like Kavanaugh, I wouldn't piss on this dude if he were on fire.


I think he needs to resign. This was not an okay thing to do in 1984. If we're going to expect to hold Brett Kavanaugh responsible for things that happened when he was a college student, we should do the same with everyone.

We did NOT hold Kavanaugh responsible - he is there notwithstanding

@jacl We made the attempt.

@twshield He's already trying to say it isn't him.

@jacl Most people did. Republicans in the Senate did not.


On a pragmatic level, the Democratic Party cannot let him off. If they do, then their claims against Trump are mute.

In another vein, he has not learned or changed really. His latest resoonse is that he can't remember which one in the photo he was. This suggests that the issue is insignificant enough in his mind as to care whether was in black face or kkk hood. Just because he says he's changed are just words.

t1nick Level 8 Feb 2, 2019

We don’t have past. It’s gone

@twshield I prefer background

Tell that to the cops after I give them the tip off that your missing wife from 30 yrs ago can be found buried in your back yard.

@MsDemeanour you will become suspect and defendant on the murder case of my wife buried on my backyard. I’m usually friends with cops to make it happen. Be humble and free.

@Antidronefreeman lol oh ouch. You're probably right. I'm an anarchist, usually marching in protest of the antics of whatever government of the day. I'm sure our secret service has a file on me and would love to have me in the frame.

@MsDemeanour I’m same anarchist


It has become part of the political drama.

jlynn37 Level 8 Feb 2, 2019
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