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LINK Update: Christian Martyr Kim Davis Says Taxpayers Should Pay Her $222K Legal Fees | Michael Stone

Nope. She chose not to do her job. She fought sayign she had a right not to do her job. She lost Her choice, she pays her own legal fees.

She was defending her religi9osu beliefs, not the policy of the government office for which she worked. So, if anyone shoudl pick up her legal fees, it shoudl be her church.

snytiger6 9 Feb 2

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If she’s a ‘martyr’...why is she still alive and whining?!!


NO!!! I don't want to pay her bigotry-earned legal fees any more than I want to build a damned wall around the country...

Zster Level 8 Feb 2, 2019

Didn't I just say she was going to try for a GoFundMe page? Of course she's doing this.

Christians are so familiar with the "confess and forgive" strategy - they never want to be responsible for anything. It's always someone else's problem, Don't get me started!


I thought the religious people were going to pay her legal bills. They must have backed out when the story was no longer in the news.


If people who happen to be taxpayers want to donate money to her... Oh, wait. TAXPAYERS. I thought those god warriors all supported each other? And were for personal responsibility? And against socialism? I guess not.


WRONG. she made a decision to ignore the law based on her personal values. She should pay. She, in essence, deliberately refused to do the job she agreed to do. That is akin to malfeasance.


I hope they nail her ass to a tree, she dies in poverty and is buried in an unmarked grave.


Kim, Kim, Kim ...

The God pipe. 😛


She won a "Cost of Discipleship Award," for her brave sacrifice, but wants taxpayers to incur the the actual cost.

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