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What is an odd smell that you would admit to enjoying?

I like the scent of Vicks vapo rub, my partner when he's a bit sweaty, and diesel fuel.

Donotbelieve 9 Feb 23

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Napalm in the morning.

Jnei Level 8 Feb 23, 2018



The aroma when you first walk into a used book store.

when i was in 1st an second grade or so, i woud like the fragrance of the Pug and music books...the music books that had 'home on the range' on them


I am embarrased to say that the smell of a skunk from a distance is pleasing to me. Aaaaahhhhh! Why did I admit that?

This was going to be my answer. There may be a connection between that and herbal passtime I had in my younger days.

Yep, I can see that connection! Hahaha!

@Fearlessfreep, certainly 😀

I used to hate it but now as a stoner all I think is , who's got the fire?!

I like it, as well.

@sarahjustme interesting.
Is it something along the lines of liking/hating cilantro?

kawz you like that dank...refreshing refreshing fragrance. i see skunks evolving into something else in the next million years!!


I used to love the smell of my ex girlfriend after she would would work out, damn it was intoxicating


My farts.

"Everyone loves their own brand, don't they?" - Fat Bastard

"Say that's fairly decent."

thanks, @Fearlessfreep L 😀 L! i never knew that he used to be young.

I opened this topic wondering who was gonna say farts. Luv ya lol

it's actually human nature.. as we need to smell our own stanks to see what' the fuck is wrong....and look at it too!!!. whoever says they don't check themselves out it a liar!!


I like the smell of asphalt right after it rains


Petrichor and also old book smell.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 23, 2018

Old book, definitely!

They are a little similar, even.

New book smell is amazing.


Struck Matches.


We had horses when I grew up, and the smell of anything to do with a horse, from the leather in the tack room to the typically less pleasant parts like mucking stalls will instantly put me in a calm and peaceful place in my mind.



JimG Level 8 Feb 23, 2018

Skunky puppy breath.


Not odd, but coconut oil.
Teenage boy on the coast, teenage girls covered in tanning oil, ahh the memories.


@btroje it is a really strong smell for me recalling memories, later they made surfboard wax that smelled of coconut, hot days it would be wafting out on the water, awesome.

@Rugglesby i can smell it now


I love the smell of Vicks, and those tubs of Noxzema cream that you could never get the smell out of the plastic.

Oh, I forgot Noxzema! That is in my top 10.


Magic markers


I loved the smell of leaded gasoline as a kid..and Vicks Vapo Rub as well..also turpentine & linseed oil..fresh cut grass of course..

i liked the gasoline smell too.!!


The coppery smell of my bathtub facet.


I like the Vicks too.
I am really a fan of incense also.


Air after rain.

JohnQ Level 3 Feb 23, 2018

Ferrets. It's the smell of love, fun and chaos all blended together.

Jnei Level 8 Feb 23, 2018

Freshly laid tar on the road

I was just about to type that! According to my grandmother, it's very good for coughs and colds, so whenever I had one as a child we'd go off searching for some tarmac to sniff. People probably thought she was mad - but nobody ever told her so because this was in Wales; Wales has a long tradition of witches, so you don't risk insulting old Welsh ladies.


I'm right with you on the diesel fuel. Also, exhaust from classic car engines (especially muscle cars,) the smell of a tire shop, fresh paint, and skunks.


clothes just out of the dryer


Burning or burnt matches.


Pipe tobacco and tobacco barns, horse sweat, fresh cut grass, oil paint, automotive smells when a car is being worked on, patchouli, pot, incense, book stores.

I adore the smell of pipe tobacco!


I like the taste of tobacco breath on a woman that I'm kissing.

I much prefer to kiss a man who's just smoked a cigar or a pipe.
I'm glad I'm not alone in this.

no, your not there's just something nice about it. trust me there are much stranger things, people like ie ass worship as in having an ass crack farting directly into your nose. everyone to there own.


Mek (paInt solvent)

dc65 Level 7 Feb 23, 2018

Methyl ethyl ketone, do you work in the aircraft industry perhaps?

@Fearlessfreep yes, Methyl ethyl ketone I worked in the printing industry

Isopropyl is enjoyable.

They use it to clean the sealer of off the sheet metal of the wings as they seal them. I know the smell well. Just a touch to a fly with a rag with Mek would kill it dead. I poured some on a huge cockroach once and it had zero fucks to give. It just crawled off trailing mek.

Denatured ethanol is more preferred... I think she IPA at the lab all the time, but wish it was methanol or ethanol instead. @Donotbelieve

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