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There's lots to complain about okcupid and such dating sites but I'm REALLY glad they include questions like "does someone ever owe you sex?" And "should creationism be taught in schools?" Helps weed out the "oh HELL no crowd". Don't have to worry about that so much here but everyone is so far away,sigh.

OpposingOpposum 9 Feb 23

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Haha “should creationism be taught in schools?” Is my Favorite screening question on OKC. Anyone who says children should “hear both sides” is an automatic pass. It’s science. Schools should ABSOLUTELY not be teaching dogma as a reasonable alternative to facts in science classes. And I would not be compatible with anyone who thinks they should.

Yup! Those are my two favorite questions.


I was continually shocked by men who would answer questions like "Does anyone ever owe you sex?" in the affirmative. There were quite a few, actually. Of course I can't remember any of them now that I'm trying to remember.

I turned down one earlier for that specific reason. Saw that and was like, NOPE!

Not even when someone loses a bet? 🙂


As soon as I see "I'm a god fearing man", "I'm looking for a woman who shares my faith", "My religion is very important to me", etc, I'm glad those questions are there. I even write in my profile that I'm non-religious, and still get bible thumpers hitting on me.Jeez !!!

It always baffled me when "these kinds" of men would send me a message. "Bible Thumpers" on are on "Hard Limit List."

I especially like the christian losers who expect women to be submissive to their husbands. Luckily, I didn't run into that too often. I did get a lot of men writing me, though, who had "Man of God" (or some such phrase) in his profile.

Yeah when they are are a “95% match” but the other 5% is Catholic. Ugh.


Only,as,far away as your keyboard.

Yes but you all never get to see my gift of physical comedy. 🙂 I'm the pratfall Queen.

@blindbird I'll see that...and raise you the "dancing baby Jesus" dance. I do it in the hope of having 6 feet of snow have an excuse not to go to work for a week.

@Jack-of-scythes this, I need to see.


Distance is a problem, but in all honesty, if there were a dozen ladies on this site, with extreme compatibility with me, ob my doorstep, I do not think things would change. I am set in my ways, they would be set in their ways, I think as we get older, it is less likely we can partner up successfully. Friends are great though.

Right? I'm at a point where I just want to go do things for fun. Having some dude paw you at the end of the evening kind of ruins the experience.

@Blindbird AMEN. And pawing at me could be dangerous for the man. I also don't hesitate to file charges when assaulted, so I'm not a good bet if someone is looking for a hook up.

@birdingnut that's the funny thing. I have no problem with hook-ups but if I'm not interested just take my word for it,jeez

@Blindbird that pawing is a two way street, but I know what you mean, when you are not in the mood.

@Blindbird I don't do casual ALL. I'm demisexual and even talking about it can make me lose my appetite. GROSS


I hate to tell you this but I think it's you that's so far away. 🙂

Lol. I'm in Florida. No snow,no ice on the roads,year round beaches....

I know. I've lived there. I'll take 4 seasons over one.


As far as a dating site goes I'm still hopeful for this one. Its very new but very directed and well, you just can't beat free!

I'm just happy to have found it as a social media site. I've met some wonderful people and, while no "dates" have been set yet, there are several I'm looking forward to meeting when they visit Vegas!



I do check out the questions when I get notifications that someone likes me. Usually do not have to go far before I see the creationism should be taught in school.


So if I have 3 sex and someone takes 5 does that mean they owe me 2 ?

I feel like I need a sex abacus to work that out....

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