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LINK Queensland floods: Record disaster stuns world after crocodile, snake infestation

Meanwhile, there are bushfires in Tasmania

Lilburne 5 Feb 5

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When I lived in tropical north queensland we had a real problem with large carpet snakes eating our cats. If we caught them early enough you could unwrap the cat and it would recover and we would let the snake go.


The rest of the world is stunned? That is a rather bold claim! Doesn't take away from the severity of the situation though. The situation is dire enough without validating it with grandiose claims.

@Lilburne I agree. In the short time that I have been back, I have noticed the sensationalism of news here. I don't know whether to laugh or sigh ?

@Lilburne, @Bendog I have to acclimate (is that the right word) myself again. I was walking barefoot around the garden yesterday and it occured to me that I needed to keep an eye open for snakes.


I have survived 2 floods It is a tough go in minus 20-degree weather I could not imagine having to deal with an apex predator in that situation.


Unfortunately, that is just how nature works and the price we pay for the privilege
of living on planet earth.


Wishing you and all who are effected the best. Natural disasters are always challenging to deal with.

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