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All of my friends have been filmmakers, small press editors, writers and artists. Myself, I've done everything from writing books to building robots to manufacturing model kits in my basement. For me, the creative urge is as important as breathing.

And then one day I went onto a singles BBS (BBSes were a sort of pre internet online forum where you could chat).

One of the first things I would ask anyone on there was how they expressed themselves creatively. And, well, most of them didn't. They worked during the day, watched TV at night, and went to bars on weekends. Thi was a bit of culture shock for me. in fact, up to that point I didn't think such a thing was possible.

To say the least, I gave up on that venue for meeting people.

I'm kind of curious as to how many of you have gone through something similar.

Robotbuilder 7 Feb 23

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I am an artist, was a creative expressive therapist , love gardening create something every day, I am nearly always fiddling with something in my hands and my minute flat is covered in wool, cotton ,machined stuff, pens,,, pencils, pastels ,freestyle origami .I am so cluttered that I can't find anything and often start anew only to find the duplicate later hiding in some bin or other - I think I am more creative when messy.


I can't go a day without doing something creative. That being said, I think creativity can be found anywhere, not just in creative pursuits. Some of the most interesting people I know don't necessarily do anything creative, but they may speak or live uniquely or have an interesting take on things.


Maybe they took some creativity for granted, like how they like to dress or cook? I’m not sure how I would respond to such a direct question even if I wanted to promote myself.

Also, even creative people need to relax. Julia Child liked McDonald’s burgers.

One of the smartest and most creative-in-his-field people I know is a computer scientist, one of the creators of the AWK language.

One night at 3 or 4 a.m. I woke up and went to the living room where he was already up too; as we’d planned, we would watch a bloodred supermooon together. But as I approached the couch I peeked at the tablet he was using. What mindbending problem or pleasure was this genius working on in the wee hours?



sounds like interesting friends
most of mine are trees


I am in the middle of creating my own sex goddess robot. I lied 😟 I'm not a rocket scientist, but if I was I would. 😛


I think we are seeing an rekindling of the spirit of invention these days.

I too like to build robots, and just about anything technical really.

Sometimes you just have to keep on looking.


Sadly I don't have a creative bone in my body, but I try and surround myself with artistic type, we have a lot of live music here thanks to various youngsters.
We were on the net at the same time, then pre WWW, email and all that, BBS, Telnet and all.
seems another lifetime now


I agree, my mind is always creating something! Most of my friends are creative as well. There is just way to much to be learned and experienced. Since I am an artist...and a visual learner, I take in everything around me! I have had more projects going that I can ever complete. Everything can be made into something else! And I have ended up with a truck load of supplies, that is needing another home!


I looked at your bio and we have a lot of similar characteristics, but I'm an androgyne..a gender mix, as are most high IQ creative people..the kind that attracts you, apparently.

I have SELDOM, if ever, met women who show interest in similar things to me-mostly they talk about work, family, relationships, TV shows, and other mundane topics. If I mention any other topic, they stare at me blankly. If I let a female pick a movie to watch at home, it's usually something bland and sappy(in my opinion).

Here in Thailand, I've met at least one blonde South African lady who was up for taking off up the mountain on the motorbike, climbing steep trails and cliffs, and riding the breakers, but she moved to the Canary Islands to run a school. But none of the women had the slightest curiosity about science or politics.

I have met men, at least, who sometimes discuss things I consider interesting, but few who build new inventions, or do their own writing, music, or art, as I do.

So, if you do find a woman who matches your interests, be prepared for the male traits that typically come with the territory, as she might be more interested in her own agenda than yours.

Kinda funny about South African friend...I too, have a friend from South Africa, that lives in Vietnam. She has never lived in the states, but has been here several months at a time. There is about a 20 year difference in our age and yet we are very similar... except she has the most unbelievable luck. We are amazed sometimes at how our likes and dislikes are so alike! Even down to total disgust for trump...the first time she ever saw him, on Larry King!


Welcome "Rob"!

We have our creatives here but we are far from a majority. My areas are graphic, literary and performing arts. See my profile and our little "creative kids corner" for more details about some of us.

I'd like to hear more about your robots...I'd say you're the first robot builder I've yet "met"...anywhere!



There's a quality about truly creative people I admire, in that they take risks and don't play it safe by working a 9 to 5 job with benefits. For some, it pays off, for others it doesn't. I'm in the middle of making that jump from the frying pan into the fire, so wish me luck.

For the record, creative and energetic people have always inspired me to no end. Workee drones don't, no matter how smart.


They say the creative mind is where true genius comes from. I, unfortunately, do not have a creative bone left in my body. I used to be a decent writer when I was young, but right now, I have no muse. I envy your circle of creative friends.

I went back to read your profile! You sound like a creative person to me? Maybe you are not an active astist at the moment, but I bet you could tap into something very easily!

You don't need a Muse to write again. You can get inspiration from everywhere. Just get started.

You can look up Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way or Letters to a Young Artist (in this case, writing is art, too, btw), or Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird.


One of the most important revelations I've discovered, is the fact that most people do not think the way I do.

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