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LINK 40 Year Vegan Dies of a Heart Attack! The Omega-3 and B12 Myth with Dr Michael Greger [High Quality] - YouTube

This video is long, but has excellent information about longevity and health. There are two indicators of mortality 1) the ratio omega-6/omega-3 and 2) homocystine (a toxin produced by our bodies) removal. Dr Lanfield gives advice to vegetarians and vegans; eat flax seed and no other oils except for small amounts of olive or canola oil, and take B-12 supplements. The consequences of ignoring these recommendations is a mortality rate similar to the general population.

EdEarl 8 Feb 9

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I noticed that my vegan friend is having difficulty, is loosing weight and coming down with colds, etc. Doctor concerned.


I think this shows that anything taken to an extreme is unhealthy. I still go with my college nutrition professor who said, "Everything in moderation."

My philosophy ever since I could think for myself, with the notable exception of sex!

You may have my moderate dose of cyanide. πŸ˜‰

I understand your point, which is, like any recommendation, to be practiced thoughtfully.


My first response was: Whoa!!! He has hair (some hair)!!! It's a bit long for me to watch the whole thing but I've always enjoyed Dr.Greger's presentations.


You can eat the β€œ healthiest β€œ diet in the world but genetics will run you down and kill you eventually.

Today, yes. Some doctors now consider death and old age as a disease that may possibly be cured.

@EdEarl That sounds great but in order for that to possibly become a reality it will most likely require stem cells and that’s not gonna happen here.?

@48thRonin Why? I'm not an expert at anything, but IIRC the body does produce stem cells.

@EdEarl Yes they do but in order to have stem cells that can be modified in order to used in a body they must be like as pure as possible.
So fetal or umbilical cord therefore why not in this country

@48thRonin IDK


Even vegans die. Thats ridiculous.

Yes, vegans die. The video is scientific in content, presented by a medical doctor. Why do you say it is ridiculous.

@EdEarl Because I can find you report after report suggesting veganism and vegetarianism are way way healthier choices. Billions of people are non-meat eaters and do just fine

@Amisja I am a recovering meat eater, trying to be vegan, sometimes vegetarian, and sometimes fail. The video has good information. It is not ridiculous.


Any body can die for any reason at any time.

I don't understand. Since I live in the US in a city, it is extremely unlikely I will be killed by a rogue elephant. People die for a reason, and avoiding reasons for death is usually what people do; for example stay away from elephants.

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