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Has anybody on this site actually contacted someone for a date? Have you seen anyone that you are interested in.?

Chefedone 6 Feb 24

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May be a lot to expect after a few days. Plus my location. I live in a place where people want so bad to be "spiritual". I have never met anyone this way.

Jhawk Level 3 Feb 25, 2018

So far ,the ones that interest me are everywhere else but where I am ...


I'm just glad to see intelligent, rational women, that don't think everything happens for a reason and God might eventually tell us that reason. I've seen enough of that here in SC. I am slightly introverted, so I don't imagine I'll reach out much, but I'm patient. I'm just glad this site exists.


I find the dating features lacking. Perhaps it's because I'm introverted.


I joined because of the intelligent conversations that I found on this site. I haven't tried to contact anyone for a date, although I have noticed some very intelligent women here, I am attracted to smart women. The truth is, I was told that there was cake here when one reaches certain levels and I am looking to eat some cake. Who knows, I might meet someone here or not, either way I like this site...

There's cake? ????

@liftedthefog66 The cake is a lie!


I haven't contacted anyone for a date, but some have and some have dated.


Ha! I am starting to wonder if Louisianans are legally banned from agnostic or atheist chat sites and if I am breaking the law, cause I missed the memo. So far, I have seen no one even remotely close to local on this site, let alone another local gay guy.


I just started on this site yesterday, but I'm hopeful that I will be able to start chatting with people.


It is interesting, it's promoted as a dating site, but I don't see myself dating anyone from here. It's a pretty good site though. I enjoy the conversations, even those that seem contentious. I can be having a heated debate over guns in one place, and trading great music selections with that same person elsewhere (its literally been happening). But dating is doubtful.


I'm stuck on an island called Norfolk England but im easy, so I'm told lol. I've seen a few people that have said they have met up. I've even been called eye candy which isn't the first thing that comes to mind if I accidentally catch my reflection in the mirror. I think all dating sites are a scam. I don't know what the answer to your problem really but paying money for nothing definitely isn't it. there more like online brothels but without the sex. you'd save time and money cracking one out or you could go to a brothel. at least you get what you pay for. I told everyone I had a huge nob lol.

I love Norfolk! I follow the road gritter's page on Facebook because it's such a laugh.


I am not here to date, I'm here for the punch and pie.

Actually, I would consider it. Of course, they'd have to be okay with me being in a relationship already.

There's one guy I already want to meet, because he looks so hot (though I have my doubts that it's a real pic of him) and shares a similar philosophical stance.

I'm glad to hear people are enjoying the community here.


For me, I'm too new. I've enjoyed some interactions, but online meetings/conversations make it easy to "put on a pretty mask". Take your time, see the real person, not who you hope they are. Be safe.


I have no expectations of romance being found here but, the community is amazing and I have met some intelligent intriguing women here that I would happily date if they were not hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Yes, the most compatible people might as well live on Mars. Sigh... 😉


I contacted a few women. I don't know why I got these restraining orders in the mail though. Weird.


You must have intimidated them with your scathing sense of humor. 😉

@twshield Don't forget thoughts lol


I have seen some who I am interested in but most of them live too far away for anything but chatting.


The community is fairly new. Give it time to fill up with people.

Unless you're in Montana--then, forget it. Did you know we have the official "middle of nowhere" here? It's true! This state is mostly sagebrush and cows.

I like cows and living in the middle of no where official or not but, at my age the idea of dating someone who is far away and likely just as intransigent as I doesn't work.

I actually worry about the site experiencing "overpopulation".

@JackPedigo Why is that, are you concerned that, too many members will result in an inability to keep or make personal connections?

@HeathenFarmer Because of too many opinions and postings. It is hard to maintain a degree of coherency. It is also more difficult to make personal connections. I believe one can have too many competing voices.


I can think of 3 couples now. In saying that, they are all MIA, they must of found something way more fun to do 😛

Sacha Level 7 Feb 24, 2018

That's nice to hear, ty for saying.


Everyone, it seems, is quite far from me. I tend to forget this is partly a "dating" site. I enjoy reading the discussions, and I private message with a few, but I don't have any expectations. I would love to hear about other people meeting, though.

@Naeem I have a 2 hour drive limitation but more important, I am 80 years old. What more can I say.

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