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What is the worst purchase you’ve ever made?

I tell you first. Being excited about e-book readers, I bought myself a Sony Reader worth $300. That was about 11 years ago. The unit was very sluggish with a noticeable delay when turning a page. After few months the battery died permanently. Worst purchase ever!

Aralt 7 Feb 24

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This is easy - My marriage license.

Bwahaha! Priceless!

I posted that same answer. Then I read this and had to delete.

@SherryMartin Why did you delete your answer? More than one person can have the same thought, you know... πŸ˜‰

@SherryMartin No need to delete! It seems to be a very common affliction. πŸ™‚

@SherryMartin I posted it to but I didn't delete. I meant it!

I concur!

Same as me!


First pack of cigarettes


My marriage license. : d


I bought a dell for 700 dollars, it didn't work, took it back, they have me a new one, it didn't work, took it back and asked the geek squad what computer he would recommend and he said an Asus, paid ah additional 100, and 8 years later, my Asus still works!

My Asus disintegrated lol, just fell apart one day. I still use my Sony Vaio, which i bought 10 years ago at least, and they do not even make them anymore. The damn thing will not die and its so damn heavy. Ha. But I will not buy a new laptop until this one finally dies.


x-ray glasses


Oregano. $100 worth.

Never buy grass from the Easter Bunny


Buying into the American dream..


1993 Ford Ranger


In 1988, I spent every penny I'd managed to save from Basic Training and my enlistment bonus on an engagement ring and a used car. The ring cost more. I should've spent all the money on a better car.

JimG Level 8 Feb 24, 2018

A 1946 Cadillac hearse that didn't run. It was a great conversation piece though.....

Reminds that someone in my neighborhood has one of those. Haven't seen it in almost a year. Wonder if they moved. I think next time I see one on the road, Im gonna wave them down and chat LOL

You meet interesting people that way. πŸ™‚ I followed a 1964 Ford van for miles trying to get the driver to stop. Very cool guy.


A web design class in a continuing education program at a local college. Didn't learn anything and the instructor was useless.


1993 Ford Ranger


I once fell for one of those online "free" computer scans that found thousands of different problems on your system. It only cost me twenty dollars, but once I looked into it, I realized that the scan would always identify the same thousands of problems, because it was a fake. Once is enough!


a subscription to POF

A few years ago I bought a subscription to mature singles. AND renewed it. In that year's time, I communicated with less than a dozen people and only a few were non religious.

@SherryMartin Not too bad. I hear thats one of the better ones

@obtusethevague1 Its still free just full of fakes now.

@obtusethevague1 most definitely. now the cat fishers are fishing each other.

Hahaha! You got that right.

@SkyCake70 never again will i subscribe to online dating.

@egrant4506 it’s a nightmare on every site. It’s made me so jaded. I don’t know why I bother. Men are either married/in a relationship and want some side action, or they want a model, or they have absolutely no clue how to talk to someone. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

@SkyCake70 Yes. Every site is the same nightmare and sometimes the same people. I have given up. It must be a nightmare for women. I see how men are in bars. I just recently got dragged to a singles dance. That was a trip.

@egrant4506. I went to a singles dance a long time ago. Not impressed. I do see the same men on several dating sites. It’s like some horrible waiting room.

@SkyCake70 yes. i see the same people too. sometimes different pictures . I am leaving all my dating to chance now. lol

@egrant4506 if I did that, I’d never see anyone.

@SkyCake70 true. Maybe thats not the way to go.


Clove cigarettes, they were my gateway to regular ones. -_-


The Sea Monkeys advertised in the back of that damned Archie Comics.


Motorcycle/scooter. I have absolutely 0 interest, I just thought I would try it. I find it too damned hot, too damned cold, too damned wet, too damned uncomfortable for long drives, too damned little room to carry stuff, and always dangerous. I do like the way it looks, though.


I bought a set of encyclopedias from a door-to-door salesman in 1993. I thought I would use the heck out of them. Never opened one book. They stayed on the shelf and I continued to pay for them. In the end, I paid about $1500. The interest ate me alive. Live and learn.

Behr Level 2 Feb 24, 2018

Either a Whirlpool clothes dryer that broke a pully within the first year and simply had to be replaced, OR two Koehler Toilets that were supposed to be unpluggable, yet plugged as badly as any toilet AND were made horribly cheap, despite costing me top $. Never again!

Zster Level 8 Feb 24, 2018

Chinese mobile phone. Kept crashing, battery life was rubbish.


I bought my kid a Kindle.
He broke it in 2 months.

I made him purchase his own, and a case.


Don't they have 12 mos manufacture warranty? Whatever was my worst I erased off my mind, I can tell you about the worst return... since I had always worked with music production of some kind I remember purchase of a Yamaha daughter board to my soundcard... after 2 weeks I returned it.... I still over 20 years later haven't found a better trumpet sound than that Yamaha daughter board sound card. I am sure I got whatever sound blaster came up with.

@ArashL Yep, sometimes you can't wait to throw the damn thing away.


My second wife...


A 2003 Ford Ranger with 186,000 miles for $4,500. It runs, but there is always something broken.


A 1981 Chevy Citation.

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