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LINK Donald Trump Claims 'No President Ever Worked Harder.' Twitter Isn't Buying It. | HuffPost

While I'm sharing this article, I'm giving 110%...

david75090 7 Feb 12

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Hey! It's a lot of work using the channel-flicker gadget to switch back n forth between FOX, and Morning Joe!


Does anyone actually have a photo of him working?


It must be so hard and depressing being Trump. Can you imagine knowing every sleazy thing you have ever done, every lie and cheat you've based your entire identity on? And knowing Mueller and the SDNY and Putin know at least SOME of those things? Knowing you have to bend over backwards to be nice to Putin while doing everything you can to stop or impede the investigation? When his presidency goes down, his reputation will go down, and that's really the only commodity he ever had to sell. I almost feel sorry for him. ...almost.


Check out the actual Twitter replies.


He probably breaks a sweat just trying to get out of bed.


Hardest working lap dog in DC.


Worked harder at promoting intolerance and corruption ??
Then he's probably right 🙂


He speaks lies, I laugh.

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