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Everything in decline except climate.


This is just so sad for all forms of life. With what we have done to this planet and all other life forms that exist here too, humans deserve whatever mother nature dishes out to us.


Wasn't this posted yesterday? Anyway, another idea I had about this was what will that do to the animals that feed on the insects? In fact what will that do to the emerging trend to use insects in human food? There will be a big avalanche effect. At some point Mother Nature will defeat all our attempts to push more of our species on her. She will be the final #MeToo winner.

It may have been posted by someone else, it is hard to check for repeat postings. I figure GMTA, and I try not to get my garters in a knot if there are repeat postings. It happens, I've seen it several times in the year+ that I have been here, life goes on. Can you really have too much of a good thing?

@HippieChick58 Or in this case too much of a bad thing.
I am aware of this issue. Another issue of overpopulation more confusion and repeats.


The pesticide and herbicides being used to grow has been hurting the honey bee for many years. Can only imagine what other insects the uses are affecting. What is very sad is sound is more effective and the big growers still refuse to set the example.

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