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Name the one thing special about where you live

Okay, not that you are there.
More about what it is that makes where you live interesting, fun, beautiful or exciting.
It could be cultural, natural, opportunities, fun, family, community... anything that would make the rest of us envy you.

Here it is the beautiful natural world I live in.

Akfishlady 8 Feb 25

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Nothing. At least nothing that I notice.

@Akfishlady Oh, I meant my neighborhood lol. Central Park can be nice. Bryant Park isn't bad. Especially when they show movies in the summer on the lawn. All of Manhattan can be interesting or exciting.


The city of Kingston Ontario was the original capital of Canada before it was changed to Ottawa a few years later. It was also the home of our first Prime Minister who was a drunken asshole lol. We are also nicknamed the "Limestone city" due to all the old limestone buildings from when the city was in its infancy. Oh yea and for all the hockey fans, it's the birth place of Don Charry lol.


The biggest most beautiful skies you can ever hope to even imagine. A second choice, if I am allowed one, is 72F temperature fluctuations in 12 hour periods.

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