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Name the one thing special about where you live

Okay, not that you are there.
More about what it is that makes where you live interesting, fun, beautiful or exciting.
It could be cultural, natural, opportunities, fun, family, community... anything that would make the rest of us envy you.

Here it is the beautiful natural world I live in.

Akfishlady 8 Feb 25

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I'm a truck driver. I live everywhere. I'm in a different state every day


I'm 2 minutes walk from the sea πŸ™‚


Virginia beach, has a beach where I can surf, great seafood, and some pretty impressive swamps for kayaking. This is my morning commute as I walk to work.


It's not North Dakota.

@Sticks48 Worked out of Williston during the early 80's oil boom. Went straight south when the rigs stacked out to Austin TX. Haven't been back since.


it's just slow enough.


This place.

Jnei Level 8 Feb 25, 2018

@Akfishlady Sadly a bit out of my price range!

Love it, need a housekeeper??


The Salish Sea


I’ve been living in Denver since 89, it’s funny just yesterday I walked outside and as I gazed across the mountains nearing sunset I told my friend, "I never get tired of the the beauty here". After all these years it still can take my breath away.


I live in Southern California. I could go skiing and surfing in the same day. If I knew how to ski, or surf....


Butchart Gardens


My home town Bundaberg is famous for its Rum factory and its soft drink factory.

But mostly famous for the highest unemployment, obesity,bogans and teenage pregnancy. Haha

Rammy Level 4 Feb 25, 2018

Hahaha defiently something I don't envy, but I couldn't care less but to laugh. If it wasn't for the Soft Drink Factory Bundaberg would be pretty bland. Bundaberg Rum mix with Bundy ginger beer = mint. Plus we have New breweries opening in the last few years. Such as Waterview 1770.


I live by the ocean fighting our fascist corporation polluter oil war crime profiteering so called government fighting IT to prevent more off shore drilling


The people across the yard. Especially the small humans.


The night sky, not much light pollution in these parts.

@Akfishlady Were you a New Englander?


The Buffalo River is a 10 minute drive away. Great hiking trails, floating, and dizzying scenery.

The street I live on is quiet and crime is pretty low in my neighborhood.

Oh yeah! A branch of the KKK operates out of a little trailer trash town a 10 minute drive away. <sarcasm> They are very special! </sarcasm>


CT. few hurricanes,few tornados,no mud slides,earthquakes,flooding or tsunamis. Very nice countryside, pleasant people who are very progressive and overtaxed.


Not one thing special, but quite a few things less special but more than other places.
I can swim in calm water by walking past 10 houses and crossing a road, I can surf or swim in the surf by swimming from there, lots of surf beaches, there are numerous places I can go snorkeling, I have 800 acres of environmental reserve including fresh water wet lands across the road from me, I can see the mountains from my window, I can be under a waterfall in about 20 minutes drive.


Until you sail on lake Michigan, you can't fathom that much potable water in one spot.It is very beautiful!


Boston Baked Beans...mmmmmm

@Akfishlady yeah the traffic..i remember my Dad cussing about it when I was a on the Cape?
Aaaargh...Ticks..there everywhere here..had 3 on me, 3!.. Eeeeaargh

@Akfishlady at the oceanic school?

@Akfishlady I love the Cape. Spent a lot of time there growing up. Falmouth. Harwichport, P-Town. I later lived in Dennis for 3 years. Winter, spring summer or fall, its a beautiful place. Everytime I drive over one of those bridges, I know an adventure awaits me.

@ollieberry ahhhh the bridges..and the hellashish traffic at the rotatries..gotta love them

@Charlene Its all in the timing!


My town used to be the second biggest trading town in England second only to London. Boadicea used to rule and fight here. Thomas pain lived here and dads army was filmed here.


Me. Only place to find it... and only while I am there. Very Unique. Not that I read beyond a header. But while in DC... the dance partner of my life is available to make me look good on the dance floor... to a gentleman like me... That Is Priceless!!!! I wrote for her...

she dances with poets March 2, 2014

she dances with poets
under spell of the moon
she smells like the flowers
in her garden she bloom

she practices by the window
listening to the news
worship the sunlight
warming her cat
slumped in a stool

she look for my presence
to show her soul nude
her spirit unleashed
so light and yet so true

she dances with poets
every evening of june
wanders the forest
looking for something
not found...
she never do

when you dance with her
she makes you fell
as if there was no one else...

she puts her universe
at your feet
eyes closed
even her breathing
follows your lead

she smiles
as her body glides
leaving behind
in my hands
a frangance
I never knew
oh her perfume
if only I could
if only I could

and yes...
she kissed me...
out of the blue
she let me speak
but before I do...
she shush me down
as if too late...
or too soon

so tender her touch
for sure to soften my crude
she yearns for my wisdom
as if her world I could rule

she make me feel that important
me... such a fool
only reason why
I am a poet too

her voice
is a warm embrace
as she recites
my prose and my verse

unwillingly she look at you
until she strike a nerve

at times so strange
you are not dancing with her
but still...
it seems...
she dances with you

I can't finish this last verse
without telling
how much I am fond of her
if only I could...
if only I could...

if only I could look at her
straight in her eyes
and confess
she is the only reason I am a poet too

she dances with poets
and yet...
only with you

she dances that good

                    By Hector L Martinez 
                       Jacksonville, FL                    

Do you hate me? There is nothing about this area that anyone envies us for.

Good things about Omaha and the area. Low cost of living. If you are a college football fan there are the Cornhuskers. If you like college baseball, the College World Series will be here shortly. There is a nationally rated zoo if you are into those. Hot summers and cold ass winters, but spring and fall are wonderful.

Nebraska is forever.

@Akfishlady there is that, and steak too, but lots of it comes from Iowa too. There is the Bob Kerry bridge connecting Omaha to Council-tucky, I mean Council Bluffs.

@KKGator and driving E-W it seems to go on forever, and ever, and ever.

@HippieChick58 That is precisely what prompted me to come up with that phrase. I thought we'd never get out of that state.

Lived on base at Offutt AFB, late 70's- corn, corn and more .....corn...

@KKGator LOL!! I did laugh out loud too! When my oldest was driving to Omaha the first time I was on the phone with her and she saw a highway marker 432. And she complained at how wide the state was. I think our exit was 454. Yeah, the sun sets on the state every night and flattens it out and spreads it out wide.


I live in Southern California. There's not much you can't get/do here, except really harsh winters. There are some really excellent museums; there are recreational opportunities without end; there is incredible ethnic diversity; some of the best universities in the country; amazing geographical diversity.

I was born and raised here, so I'm a bit biased. All the above stated, we do have our share of problems: far too many homeless; intolerable traffic congestion; increasingly hot summers; wildfires (and mudslides that follow); road rage assholes; gang activity (Bloods and Crips originated in L.A.).

The one feature/characteristic I would find it difficult to leave, though I don't go there much anymore, is the ocean. I surfed for over 50 years, and only quit a couple years ago, for a multiplicity of reasons, not the least of which was too many jerks in the lineup.

@Akfishlady yeah, the sprawl is egregious. And the older I get, the more I dislike the heat.


My home town - Trivandrum


It's Asheville. It's the best of everything.

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