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When travelling around, do you prefer what mode of transport

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Akfishlady 8 Feb 26

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I like being driven. Preferably by bus or train.




It all depends on how far I am going and how much time I have to gt there and if I am meeting someone, in which case punctuality comes into play.


Depends on how far and where. I prefer walking, but not from here to Hawaii.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 26, 2018

How come mind travel isn't on the list?


Car, definitely, for most (So Cal, not much choice). Plane, of course, for destination travel. Bike and walking for outdoors recreation travel.


Public transportation is the way to go..


Walking if it's close. Having someone drive if it's too far to walk. Also flying on a plane if it's too far to drive.


Where I live there isn't much choice. If I don't drive I don't go. There isn't much in walking distance and public transportation does not come out this far. A car isn't a luxury or not having one an option, it is a necessity. Which is sad, I'd love to take a bus or train.


Well, if we were talking about the perfect mode of transport, I'd have to say a small coach pulled by eight scantily clad pony-girls.

Buy hey, I'm just that combination of perverse and weird.


My wife is disabled, and the Jeep that we own gives me the illusion of security for both of us. I have 20 bicycles that I ride recreationally.

You definitely need more bicycles 🙂


I love my motorcycle. I drive this big truck all the time so when I'm home it's a nice change of pace


Sedan chair. This is me (looking rather dashingly masculine, I might add) getting out of mine after being ferried down to the village shop by three of my footmen.

Jnei Level 8 Feb 26, 2018

@Akfishlady Thanks 🙂 Just some scruffy old stuff I threw on to do the shopping.


I love being on the water, so boats, ferries and such.


The car is my favorite.

Betty Level 7 Feb 26, 2018

There's a difference between what I prefer and what I can reasonably do but the humble car in my situation now really. notice how im actually riding my bike nearly 40 years ago.


If traveling for the fun of going to a distant somewhere, I.e. to Yellowstone or the ocean, would like vehicle with high comfort level, nice seats, plenty of leg room (car/bus/van) with a driver that wasn't me. Then I can just enjoy the scenery, relax and even nap if I want to. I have lately been intrigued by the idea of train trips/tours. Just wish the boarding points were not so far from me.
If going nowhere in particular, just traveling for the fun of being on the road, motorcycle is preferred method. In my more senior years, limiting this to reasonably short trips is kind of the way things are. When I was younger, a few hundred (<300) miles was not a bad trip.
Practically speaking, most travel these days is me driving my car (small truck) when I NEED to go somewhere. Having several pets (some fosters) and no sitter, travel pretty much has to be limited to less than 10 hours


What kind of "traveling around?"

For short distances, under a mile, I walk. Over a mile, locally, I can drive a motorbike or take a songtheaw-a pickup truck made into a sort of public bus, or for much longer trips, I take a public transport van.

I need to get me a scooter..


I navigate I rest I drive defensively


It really depends on the circumstances. I have to drive my car most of the time, due to distance. If my destination is nearby and the weather is nice, I'm happy to walk. I like biking, but usually for exercise rather than real travel.

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