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Statistics published recently suggest 42% of US households have at least one gun. That's a lot of guns; however, as a European who has never visited the USA, based on what I read in the news and see in TV programmes I'd assumed it was much higher - I'd have guessed somewhere around 70-80% of adults owned a gun and "at least one gun per household" would be higher still, probably 90% plus. So that got me thinking: how many US users of this site own at least one gun?

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Jnei 8 Feb 26

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The numbers I see that seem pretty much right are:

  • About 25% of Americans have guns.
  • 3% of Americans own more than half the guns.

The gun nuts are a small but vocal group who have nothing else on their mind 24 hours a day, every day. The rest of us have pretty much ignored them. The issue has gone septic because the politicians see the gun crowd as a source of funding.

"The gun nuts are a small but vocal group who have nothing else on their mind 24 hours a day, every day." Having attended and competed in many formal shooting events and observed and actually talked to my fellow competitors, there was a conspicuous lack of the stereotype you seem to have conjured up in your mind. They are generally better educated than you, more intelligent than you, more affluent than you, and much better informed than you.

@dahermit Interesting that you know so much about me, or think you do. Really kind of a nutty bunch of assumptions on your part. Why am I not at all surprised?

@Dahermit it's interesting that you identified yourself with his first comment. No reason to be offended unless you thought he was talking about you. He clearly said "gun nuts" I own two guns myself but didn't think his comment was about me.....

@Colorado88 His reference to "gun nuts" is offensive to those of us who are involved in the gun sports. It implies that something is wrong with us or all alike in some nefarious way.

@Dick_Martin There are no automatic weapons of war being sold to the American public. The AR-15 fires only one shot for each pull of the trigger. "Automatic" weapons have been illegal since the Gun Control Act of 1968. There is no gun sold in the U.S. that is capable firing 10 rounds a second. Such exaggerations I fear, are the result of a mind slipping into senility.

@dahermit You realize that what you are doing is using the truth to tell a lie, right? You are saying Parkland never happened. Los Vegas never happened.
Grow a pair, man. Own up to the destruction and killing being done so men with little dicks can get a hard on. I'm tired of coddling these man-boys.

@Dick_Martin What are you talking about...the Parkland shooting did not use a "machine gun". The Los Vegas shooter did not use a "machine gun". You are using a lie to tell a lie. Please see a doctor about your apparent senility.

@dahermit lol... Get a grip, young 'un. Who is talking about machine guns here, besides you? 10 rounds a second may not be automatic but it sure as Hell isn't "sport" and needs to be contained and not be a part of anyone's porn collection, and that what owning an arsenal is - a porn collection.

@Dick_Martin This is what you posted: "Do you believe everyone ought to be free to buy automatic weapons of war?" Automatic weapons of war = "Machine guns". And oh...I am not exactly a "young 'un" having been born in 1943.

@dahermit Yes I posted that. You are saying the issue is that the weapon used in Parkland is an automatic weapon or just a semi-automatic weapon? You really believe the whole issue is an issue of proper wording? Killing kids is OK, but do NOT use the wrong word!!!
Really. That is what you believe is the issue?


Pretty much nails it.


By Michal Addady - September 19, 2016

Gun “super-owners” are on the rise in America.

For only 242 million adults living in the U.S., there are about 265 million guns, according to a recent Harvard and Northeastern University study obtained by the Guardian. That comes out to be more than one gun for every adult.

Half of those guns belong to just 3% of the adult population. These super-owners have anywhere between eight and 140 guns each, with the group average being 17, according to the study.

Overall, there are an estimated 55 million gun owners in the U.S.: Most have an average of three guns; half own one or two guns; and the number of guns owned by Americans has gone up by 70 million over that same time period.

Meanwhile the number of Americans who own guns has decreased from 25% to 22% since 1994. And the study also found that there has been a dramatic increase in gun theft, nearly doubling from 230,000 per year to 400,000 per year.

Though some people may be nervous how this study will be used politically, lead author Dr. Deborah Azrael is strictly looking at this from a public health perspective. Rather than focusing on the super-owners, she’s more concerned with the gun owners who have just one or two firearms.

There are 30,000 gun deaths each year in the U.S., according to the study, two-thirds of which are suicides. Azrael told the Guardian, “To change their behavior with respect to guns, and the ways in which they store them, or their decision-making—we could have a really big impact on suicide.”

Informational, but begs the question: So what? Do you have a point?

Slang for those super-owners is "ammosexual."


I have a 22 handgun that I bought when I was 18. It would probably take me ten minutes to even find it in the bowels of the closet. I think the last time I shot it was about 30 years ago. I do have friends that have guns and most also believe in sensible gun control.

gearl Level 7 Feb 26, 2018

"sensible gun control" is but an undefined anti-gun platitude. "Sensible gun control" can be anything from limiting the number of guns purchased in any one day to a ban on certain guns. Therefore, it is meaningless.

@dahermit I see sensible as making it harder to buy a gun than Sudafed or canned air!

@EricT Neither Sudafed or canned air require a NICS (background) check.

@dahermit neither do guns genius you can buy them at a garage sale! Hell i won 3 of them and didn't have to pass anything.

@EricT "I won 3 of them and didn't have to pass anything." I call bullshit on that. All the gun giveaways require the gun be sent to a legitimate gun dealer who then does a NICS check. But then you can claim anything on the internet it those who do not know will likely believe it. And, once again... BULLSHIT.


We are 4% or the worlds population and own almost 50% of the privately owned guns. We have almost 1 gun for every person in the country.

EricT Level 4 Feb 26, 2018

Although that would read well on a bumper sticker, it will not qualify you for Mensa membership.

@EricT Calling someone a "Troll" = you don't like what they say.

@dahermit No that's not what it means, at all. You must get called it a lot, so you've made up your own definition that allows you to feel good about yourself. It means someone that is purposefully trying to agitate and bully others into their point of view. You believe that no one else on here has a right to their opinion because you think yours is the only right one. You think that commenting on these threads is about winning the conversation instead of having healthy discourse on a difficult topic.

@Colorado88 absolutely not, I am all for a healthy debate.

@EricT my comment was directed at dahermit. Not you.


I own 2 shotguns and 2 rifles. None of them are semi auto or have clips larger than 3 rounds. They are all I need for small and large game along with some bird hunting. I am for far more strict background checks to get guns. Age limits, waiting times, etc should all be in the table. We also have to have a system in place to retain your guns not just get them. I won 3 of my guns in raffles and it's insane that they did not have to be registered in my name. The other insane thing is that the gun registry itself is not computerized. It's on FN paper!!!! Just a couple of the issues I see, there are many many more that need to be addressed!!

EricT Level 4 Feb 26, 2018

"I own 2 shotguns and 2 rifles. None of them are semi auto or have clips larger than 3 rounds. They are all I need for small and large game along with some bird hunting." You do know of course that you have no Constitutional right to own a gun for hunting?

@EricT There is no Constitutional Right to drive a car...there IS a Constitutional Right to own a gun. You obviously were asleep in high school government class.


I think you might discover that guns, like the money in America, are distributed unevenly across this nation. Most gun enthusiasts (that is, tnose who are willing to be outed) own more than one gun, sometime several dozen. Most households, however, own zero guns. What does that tell you?

I did think that might be the case. Guns are, after all, a hobby for many and those people are likely to own several - as too are the loons who think having guns will enable them to protect themselves when the government comes for them. So yes, I can see the majority of guns will be owned by a minority of people. 🙂

"Most households, however, own zero guns. What does that tell you?" It tells me that most households own zero guns.

@dahermit Good one! Thanks

@Jnei Now that we have a military, we don't need a militia. However, we do have the minority-elected one, so we may need a well-regulated militia again! 🙂

@EllenDale We had a military when the Second Amendment was adopted. The same thing has been said about the National Guard. However, there has been no repeal of the Second Amendment since the creation of the National Guard.


I've never owned a gun, but I did allow my son to buy/bring one into my home after he turned 21 once he met my criteria.


I think, if I lived there, I might own a gun - I was quite interested in target shooting with air rifles when I was younger, so the temptation to go down to the firing range and practice markmanship would be great. I wouldn't carry it in public however, and would make sure it was kept in a safe and secure location.

Jnei Level 8 Feb 26, 2018

I used to own a couple that I purchased for target shooting, but rarely went so ended up selling them to a trusted friend.


I don't own /know how to use a gun....but I understand and support the right to own a gun for personal protection....specially when the person lives far away from civilization.


I do not own a gun, and do not plan on it. Statistics show that if you have a gun in the house, chances are it will be your own family that gets hurt.


I own a hand gun and a shotgun. The hand gun is loaded they are both locked away. I also support gun control and a ban on assault rifles. P.S. I am aware that AR-15 is not an assult rifle.


I think there is a correlations between religion and gun ownership. Most religious persons are basically afraid, as are many gun owners. And,,people who are afraid think they can protect themselve3s with guns. If you ask gun owners why they have a gun, the most common answer is "for protection".

In reality, if there is a gun in our home, everyone in your home is three times more likely to die from a gun (those are U.S. statistics only). More guns actually endanger people, not make them safer. However, fearful people do not tend to think rationally. In this case what seems like the common sense solution to beign afraid, to get a gun, is contrary to actual expected results. Few peopel look at actual statistics though.


I own several rifles and shotguns. All the rifles are bolt action, and used for deer and elk hunting. The shotguns are for duck and grouse hunting. Also have a couple of black powder rifles that have used in special seasons for deer and elk. (They are muzzle loading, one shot a time, with time between shots to reload). Back in the day, the militia had single shot rifles. They are all locked in a gun safe. Have had a lot of grand kids around, and wouldn't want them to have access.


I have a big distaste for guns..

I have a big distaste for people who tilt their heads to one side while being photographed.

@dahermit then don't look..


As a person who has been around a LOT of street violence in the US, knives are the culprit of most violent and deadly encounters. I've been stabbed a few times, attempted to be stabbed at a whole lot of times, but only shot at twice....and the two times were weird drive by the 90's, occasionally someone would threaten you by showing you they had a pistol in their pants (pun totally intended), but I would just say,"So, you want me to shoot you in the crotch?" And ignore them. Which usually just wound up in some angry words and the end of the confrontation. But by the end of the 90's, fists and fury and blades and improvised weapons (OH MY!) were the common street scuffle. I would say that school shootings are about attention, not guns. Take away guns, you are gonna see bombs.

@Akfishlady I fought against white power and hate groups from the west coast to as far as Council Bluffs, Iowa. It's one of those things that exists everywhere and a lot of places have police forces who are more than complacent about such behavior, unfortunately.

@Crimson67 When I got out of the marines, I thought I would be a gun nut...but I lost all interest...I have a collection of knives that sit around on my shelves...and throwing knives I keep swearing I am gonna take out to the back yard and fiddle with....

@Crimson67 I think that is how my knife collection started....friends started buying me knives as gifts...I have a moderate sized collection now...I believe I have a set of 'black widow' throwing knives around here somewhere....

@Crimson67 I think that's them! The black widow throwing knives...haha...I have a favorite are these 10" plank throwing knives....or maybe I just have envy...hehe



I sold my shotgun and rifle but and now own a .357 pistol. I grew up in very rural area and hunted from the time I was a kid as is the case with many gun owners. I have never felt the need to own a gun for home safety, I have a baseball bat for that.

As a non-gun owner, a .357 seems like a big fucking gun to hunt with. I'm curious; how much meat is wasted by the hole it blows in an animal? I live in the UP of Michigan where hunting is THE way of life for 1-4 months a year.

@EllenDale a .357 is a moderately powerful handgun cartridge. It produces roughly 600 ft-lbs of energy when fired from a 4 - 6 inch revolver. A .308 is a mid-range rifle in terms of power. It produces almost 2000 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle.

@EllenDale I don't hunt with it, I quit hunting and that is why I sold my rifle and shotgun. It's not only powerful but very loud.


I live in the woods of Maine. You need at least three guns here. A shotgun, a rifle and a sidearm. I have multiples of each. They are important tools in the wild as we have bears, mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, coydogs, moose, and crazy people. I'm also one of less than 50,000 accredited gunsmiths in the country.


I own a shotgun and a rifle, but have not fired either in over 30 years. I am for completely banning of assault weapons, all automatic and semi-automatic weapons, and pistols.


Actually, it's 25% of American households with guns. The more regulated guns become, the more expensive they are, and thus less affordable for the majority of folks. Britain began regulating gun ownership in 1903. Now, gun ownership there has become a luxury of the rich. The US began regulating guns in 1934. And gun ownership amongst poor and working class people has shrunk, while the wealthy have been hoarding guns. Your figures are about forty years out of date. Keep in mind, as of about 1975, 50% of American homes had an average of three firearms each. Nowadays, its 25% with an average of six firearms.If, as Mao stated,"Political power grows out the barrel of a gun", then 'gun control' means stripping the majority of people their political power. Not a smart thing to do. Especially in the Age of Trumplerism!


[] The ABC's of Gun Culture (In America)


I do not expect to ever need a gun.


I think the sheer amount some people own just for themselves means on average probably means there are enough guns at hand to arm so many more than even 80%

Statistics I saw say that there are about 88 guns for each 100 people, but most gun owners have more than one gun. 3% of gunowners own about 50% of all the guns. Why they are stockpiling these arsenals I can't answer.

just getting there pretend cocks out


I do not and will never own a gun! Very few people I know own guns. I think the larger number is highly inflated and would go with the 42% number. Some areas may have higher gun ownership but I think the more 'liberal' areas have fewer guns.

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