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How relationship experts define the the word "soulmate"

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The idea of soulmates may give people unrealistic expectations about love.
“People leave relationships in search of that one person ‘they’re meant to be with.’ That’s a fantasy. There is no such thing. People are package deals. There will be aspects of each partner you love and aspects that will drive you crazy. You can trade one person in for a new and improved model, and after the newness wears off, you will be back at square one, needing to learn relationship skills to make love last.” — Michele Weiner-Davis, therapist and author of Divorce Busting.

I agree with this person on this topic.

Spot on!




I had a soul mate, and I morn her loss every day.


I don't believe in soul mates. Love is an action verb, not magical attraction.


I want to puke when people tell me they have found their soul mate.


Anyone who finds a soulmate is extremely fortunate.

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