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LINK Boy Who Wasn't Immunized For Tetanus Spent 57 Days In Oregon Hospital : NPR

I hope his parents are really proud of themselves for doing this to their son, and I hope (likely in vain) that other parents read this as a wake up call and make sure their children are fully vaccinated.

HippieChick58 9 Mar 9

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Very sad indeed. I don't know where I stand on vaccination, although I am for it but not totally convinced that it doesn't do harm to some, but how to know which ones so it is better to get vaccinated.

Read the SCIENCE, not the social media opinions. Some vaccinations can cause an allergic reaction, but those particular ones are tested out on a person's skin and checked for reactions, before being applied as as inoculation.
It's like someone claiming Penicillin is harmful to everyone because some people have an allergic reaction. Doctors will always ask if you have any intolerance to Penicillin, and if you are not sure will keep a careful eye on you the first time.

@Petter You know what perhaps it is a new thing that they test them out on the skin first, because when my children where vaccinated that did not happen.

@Jolanta It's only for a few, unusual, inoculations. The common ones, Measles, mumps, cholers, tetanus, polio etc. don't need it.


Fucking anti-vaxers....


Parents who don’t vaccinate their kids should go to JAIL.


Since I do not watch it I do not know if they carried this 'news' story but the people who need to see and hear about what happens when you do not vaccinate your child are fox news watchers.
Many Dems refuse to appear on the fox network just because it is so right but NPR is like preaching to the choir here. It is precisely being so far right that the debate needs to happen on a network like fox.
Hey Just my opinion.

Believe it or not, there are people on the left who believe this bullshit also.

@Closeted nuts!! just fucking nuts!!


I wish. But antivaxxers think that diseases like measles are good for you.

I disagree. Antivaxxers think vaccines are dangerous, that vaccines will cause autism.

@HippieChick58 Despite that claim being thoroughly debunked many years ago. But then, once an e-mail post goes into the "wild", it gets passed around and eventually works its way back to you a few years later. Now, with instant messaging and social media, the return rate is speeded up and the more it is shared, the more the algorithms promote it.


Are they going to wait until all kids are fighting for their lives?

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