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QUESTION Kroger to raise age limit on gun sales to 21 - POLITICO

Another large company taking a stand when politicians refuse to do it.
Just some common sense laws, please.

Akfishlady 8 Mar 1

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Grew up with Kroger all my 50 years of life . Never knew they sold guns . . . ?

Dougy Level 7 Mar 2, 2018

Wish they were local so I could support them.


Yeah Kroger! All this time I thought they just sold groceries.


Glad to see another national chain doing something.
"The measures have faced pushback from the National Rifle Association." (No surprise)


Yay-smart people


good thing though


I didnt know Kroger sold guns

Me either. Thought this was a joke post. 😮

@Akfishlady I remember Fred Meyer from time time on the West (left) Coast.


Didn't know they sold guns but that's good.


The fact that Kroger even sells guns is a horrifying example of corporate greed.


Wait a minute....KROGER sells GUNS? Not in my neighborhood they don't. Ugh!

Ah, yes. I saw when I read the article. I was getting some really nasty images of what "clean-up on aisle 6" might look like in the future....This won't happen at my friendly neighborhood Krogers, ttfsm!


I was pretty impressed with this.

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