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For members who live in the States or those who have traveled here what is your favorite part of the U.S.?

ScienceBill72 7 Mar 1

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I myself will pic the whole of the American southwest, I love the geology and weather, some great scenery out that way!


Everywhere but North Dakota.


Maine. Because there's very little industry and logging has been so diminished, almost the entire state is covered in forest. Look out over the countryside from a high point in the Fall and it looks like an immense shag carpet of oranges, yellows, reds, greens and browns. I'm kind of arboreal anyway so... And to top it off the rugged, rocky coast is perfect for those who love the sound of crashing waves on the rocks and the sea spray (or if you're just tragically hip) . Negatives: tourism is the biggest part of the economy and the population can TRIPLE in the summer with the worst of it along the coast and the black flies are worse than mosquitoes.


I am not good at choosing favorites. I enjoyed the Pacific Northwest hugely. However I also love the history and culture of DC. I love the mountains of Colorado, but the theater and excitement that is New York. And there are places I haven't been yet sso I don't know if they could be my favorite or not.


The most beautiful and stunning location I’ve visited would be Yellowstone NP. It honestly felt like an alien world.


The US is vast, there is so much variety of geography and geology, I don't even know where to begin.

For pure natural beauty, Alaska is hard to top. People don't think about it being a rain forest, but that is the nature of the Pacific coast. It is green like I imagined Ireland as a child.


Gosh, there's SO much to love! I have a huge soft spot for the by-boat-only islands off of Florida's west coast, where the sand is so white, one has to wear sunglasses, and the water so turquoise, you'll weep. All minus any development or crowds.

Zster Level 8 Mar 2, 2018

The Grand Canyon area. I lived in Durango, CO, for three years, and camped at and hiked the Grand Canyon frequently.

Years later, after I moved to Kentucky, my ex and I flew back to camp and hike there again. One night, at 3 AM, I took a flash photo of two porcupines fighting and later figured out they were mating...very carefully, as the joke goes.

Wow now thats an interesting story

@ScienceBill72 Yeah, mating porcupines can be pretty noisy, with the male first spraying the female with urine to pacify her and induce estrus. Then he tries to mate with her, but if she objects, there's a lot of screaming until the hormones take affect and she allows him to mount..very carefully.

Mmmm porcupine mating almost sounds like the animals require Trigonometry 101 lols, thanks for the description


I travelled to the USA, and went to Los Angelese, San Diego, San Fransico, Seattle, Portland and Bend Oregon, Carson City Nevada and Toledo. I have to say I love love love SanFrancisco, what an amazing city! Beautiful.
The next time I come over there, you won't be able to hold me back from New York city and possibly Boston.

Sacha Level 7 Mar 2, 2018

The place I have been to that in "ideal life" would be where I live was along the Pacific Coast Highway, between LA and San Francisco where I camped one night back in the 70's. The coast near the campground was bordered by high bluffs and I could hear the waves breaking from the camp. Walking over to the cliff, I could see the whitecaps coming in to the slight cove, they were lit up by a near full moon. I thought then that I could spend the rest of my life right there. Of course, the whole being just off the PCH would have put a real damper on that but you get the idea.


Oh sheesh, that’s a hard one. I’d probably have to say the best place next to Fort Campbell Kentucky, would have to be New Jersey.

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