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What's your favorite atheist show/podcast?

I like to watch the Atheist Experience on Sundays at 5:30. I listen to Sam Harris' podcasts.

celticagent 7 Mar 19

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I love the Atheist Experience with Matt Dillahunty, Aron Ra, Seth Andrews, these are my faves and I love the Unholy Trinity Tour, only have gotten to watch it online.


The Atheist Experience.


Atheist Experience, Talk Heathen, and The Thinking Atheiest. Although I bounce around others, too, these are the main ones.


i don't listen to atheist podcasts or shows. i mean i might if one fell into my lap -- i have nothing against them -- but i don't seek them out. for one thing, i don't need validation. i've been an atheist for 52 years. for another thing, i don't define myself by my atheism. i am definitely an atheist, and i do not hesitate to call myself one, but i am so much more than that, and i have interests beyond that. listening to shows about atheism is low on my list of things to hear. if they please you, that's fine, but i just don't gravitate toward them. now, if they were about the separation of church and state, that'd be of more interest to me.


I get the impression that there are quite a few people on this site who need reassurance about their atheism or agnosticism

@Moravian it's fine if they do. maybe they're new to atheism and/or had a deeply religious upbringing. i've been an atheist since i was 15, it wasn't the result of reading anything specific, it wasn't traumatic and there was no such thing as a podcast lol. not everyone is in the same situation.


Sure, I wasn't trying to be critical. I was lucky, although I attended sundayschool

@Moravian lol i can imagine!



Non stamp collector - even though it’s on YouTube which I try to avoid...


Atheist Experience for me too as well as Aron Ra. I like A.E. because of the range of topics and presenters but I do not watch every one just cherry pick.


Rick & Morty


I love Aaronra. I just wish I could keep up with his HUGE brain.

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