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LINK French Priest Claims Child Rape Is Not Violence But ‘Tenderness’ | Michael Stone

OMFG. This makes my head hurt, and I think my BP is high enough now that I have to shut off the stupid or have a stroke.

HippieChick58 9 Mar 23

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No wonder it is ongoing if that is what some of them think it is.


What an evil statement!


The Do nothing cause we can't Catlic Church..


All pedophiles probably think that!


Sometimes I wish religion were actually true for people who believe in it, so this particular clown can go right the fuck to hell.

If the Catholics don't expel him IMMEDIATELY, they have no business even existing as an organization.

They have no business existing. No if's, and's, or but's about it. And make no mistake, they are indeed a for-profit business, pure and simple. They sell a wide range of products, such as fear, hate, misogyny, control, etc. And they are raking in the dough with very little overhead.

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