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What’s one of your most annoying things a person can do to really get on your nerves?

Mine is petty lol, but if a person is smacking or snoring next to me really loud, I tend to get pretty angry or annoyed real fast. Also screaming kids out in public, especially when their parents is standing right there not doing anything to quiet the little...never mind. Let me stop!

EmeraldJewel 7 Mar 3

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Someone being factually incorrect and calling me stupid for believing in something that has a scientific consensus.


Complaining about everything.

That’s the guy I work with. Trapped in a truck with him the whole work day and he NEVER SHUTS THE FUCK UP. Bitch and moan about poor little him all day. Nothing is ever his fault, either.

@NothinnXpreVails wow - my sympathies !


I don't like people that think it's ALL about THEM ! Also when someone is always bragging about something and telling me their story, especially when I didn't even ask ! πŸ˜‰

Lol that is very annoying.

Those type of people talk and talk and talk, etc.


It depends who it is.

Some people never get on my nerves at all; they're pure joy to be around and bring nothing but happiness. There are about five people like that in the world.

Others merely have to exist in the same universe as me. There are several billion people like that in the world.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 3, 2018

Talking right over me... think "Robo calls".


Someone who makes sound effects for attention. For example, moaning loudly β€œin pain” until someone asks what’s wrong. Lol (I just realized I might be a terrible person)

I do that but not for attention. Well maybe for a laugh . oooops


Lie. Lie and suck at it. Lie, suck at it, and think I'm too stupid to tell.

Are you referring to der Orange impostor?

@Charlene He definitely qualifies. Surprisingly, I wasn't even thinking of him when I wrote that.

Mine's right with yours..lying. It pisses me off 😠 I mean why? Why feel compelled to tell anything but the truth? It's just a thing with me.
Another is not apologizing. Just acting like the wrong doing never occurred. My family does this, so aggravating!


Talk over the top of someone


Chewing loudly or open mouthed. gahhhhh


Women who wear too much perfume ( any is too much for me ), hug me, and leave that odor on me. I like the way women smell.

Instant migraine. I'd be happy if that industry just folded up.


What annoys me is lack of respect for space. Rounding a corner so close that if someone is coming the other direction you will collide. It happens both in a pedestrian and vehicular setting. I work in a crowded building. There are a lot of people moving all of the time. But in buildings, like on the roads, people travel on the right (speaking for a US experience). What drives me crazy is that people walking take a left and brush the left-most corner; which means that if I am going the other direction and going to take a right, I will meet you face to face if not collide with you. That bothers me as they could have easily taken one or two more steps and avoided this. This bugs me to no end.


Screaming kids, I sometimes ask the parents if they want me to fetch a bucket of water and a lid.


Loud chewing, wearing backpacks, wearing flip-flops.

Ugh, I hate flip flops, especially on men!


People who are easily annoyed by me


Unruly brats and Backpack people on pulic transit..

May I ask why backpackers annoy?

Anger... I didn't mean to offend.

@Holysocks it wasn't you..their rudeness just irks me no end..sorry if it sounded angry..wasn't meant so..


I hate it when people chew their food with their mouth open, and make the annoying smacking sound.

I was just gonna say that!!! i have a friend I can't eat with,,, arrrrrgggggghhh... drives me crazy! so so so LOUD, the chewing the smacking..

@Funeralgirl Thats funny. I thought I would be the only one with that problemπŸ™‚

@Leutrelle oh no,,,, that is the worst thing in the world for me, this person invites me for dinner a lot.. so you know my pain..LOL

@Funeralgirl O my!


A fair wheather friend.


Be a republican


So many things annoy me.....but I'd say loud talkers and "mouth noises", i.e. chewing with their mouth full, slurping liquids, gum popping, etc. If I'm in line somewhere, and the customer service person is chewing gum, etc., I will let the person behind me go first, just so I don't have to deal with them.

Yeh loud talkers, especially when you work in a cubicle jungle.


Be a sloth and chew loudly


I absolutely hate when someone wants to talk to me, and does, as I try to ignore them. Almost always they are interrupting something going in my mind. Why don’t they understand?

yep -me too ( my brain )


Not listening to what's being said and saying and/or assuming they heard correctly


Grinding teeth, snoring, and people who constantly talk about god


I actually found this amusing, but lots ot OTHERS were annoyed.

I was on 'rush hour' train from the south coast of England, heading up into central London. The train was pretty crowded with typically 'suited and booted' city types, reading their copies of the Financial Times on their way to work - but sitting in a window seat was a young mother, and sitting on her lap, looking out of the window, was her little boy.

He was an excited little lad, and apparently had a love of trains - because every time he saw one he'd point and cry out, "TAIN! TAIN!" (apparently he was not that good at pronouncing his Rs).

Mum would respond calmly with, "Yes, Tommy. It's a train."

And then a minute or two later, "TAIN! TAIN!"

Each time the little lad spotted a train and called out, you could see the surrounding business types tense, sink just a fraction further into the seat, and concentrate that tiny bit more on whatever they were reading in the FT - it was hillarious.

And trust me, travelling from the south coast to London during the rush hour you see a LOT of trains!

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