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Newbie to the community writing poetry hoping someone will notice me.

Hey hey hey.

tazzzyy 4 Mar 4

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You have been noticed


Roses are red. Let's get day drunk. The end.

You my friend are genius ?


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.


Here, I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours:


She is the most lovely
-Every shadow in moonlight-
Thing I cannot see


Welcome aboard! 🙂


Welcome to the party hope you have fun


Glad to have you. The more the merrier.


Hi @Tazzzyy! I hope you'll be sharing some of your poetry with us 🙂

Jnei Level 8 Mar 4, 2018



The crazy coconut
Likes to eat butts
For he is a loco
Who picks his mocos
Just don't make him bust
Or before you count
Or you will have his splooshy
On your tushy

Can I have a critiques breakdown on that lmao

@tazzzyy just to make sure we get things right...moco is Spanish for bogger

@MrHugz4Kizzes what is English for bogger?


Welcome, fellow newbie


Hi! You're noticed! =) Welcome!

Just what I always wanted!


We are a varied species
As were our connections to the divine
I'll not deny you yours
If you won't deny me mine.
As for me you'll see my eyes go up
To our cousins in the sky
Light our nights from outragous heights
Enough to see our walk home by
I need no myths no gods no magic
To save my mind or soul
My sore old body does just fine
Let love and truth be the goal.
We're all in this together
And we've already had a lot of luck
Let us fix the world and make things better
Then let's get high and fuck.


Hi. Welcome.


you are noticed and welcomed


i noticed you hello


I notice you and i want to see from you more poetry, please!!


notices you


I must think to anew another day.

I must not askew my thought to prevent the dawn of the next day.

I stare at the blanketed wall.
Wondering what history it has saw.

Tonight… Must reach beyond my thoughts for just Today.


Good luck! I love to write myself!


I welcome you to seek and find
That all of us here, will speak our mind
We'll talk and chat we all are strong
I hope you find that you belong...

Welcome! I myself am new as well and if you ever need to talk don't hesitate to ask, I'll be glad to help out in any way I can. Good luck!



Gohan Level 7 Mar 4, 2018

She says she will love him forever.
He says Show me
He says he will never drink again.
She says show me.
He's going forward will be a better employee.
Do the things needed to be done.
Show me.
A surgeon says he can remove a tumor.
Show me.
Engineers say they can fly 100 people in the air.
Show me.
Now when you are sick or need a flight do you get down on both knees.
When someone breaks in to your house do you pray or call the police.
That's not how it works it's mysterious, oh please.
Let me guess he is alive and all he wants to do is hold me
But all I see and feel are people trying to control me
Tell me how live, about the evil inside but don't even know me.
If you knew what was learned from those who came before me.
And how and why a life with a god felt so lonely.
How love with a threat just sounds so phony.
How torture of animals and the innocent is ment to atone me.
I won't , I can't that evil is too far below me.
I'm free from your oppressor I owe no fee
Keep the threats to your self,stay low key
Bring your problems to light about your friend that we don't see
How you know what you know, but I can tell that you don't read.
You heard what you heard you have not woke. your still asleep.
You want me to learn, to see , to hear, to know what you know
Because I'm not granted the keys that you hold......
then show me.


You've been noticed! Welcome to our august community. Hope you have an enjoyable time.

Hope we get to see some of your poetry.


Welcome Poet! I hope you dind a comfortable place here. If you ever feel like sharing, please let me know I have a few I might show as well. ???? lol

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