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What is your own opinion about the Law of Attraction?

I'm quite new to this, and I don't know if people have talked about this (more than likely they have) but when religious people say that prayer works, does anybody think it has anything to do with the Law of Attraction, and also the way they ask for things or "pray" for things?

oscar4jac 4 Mar 5

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All prayer/law of attraction claims can be attributed to the law of averages.

And selective amnesia.

It's a way to focus yourself on your goals. I don't think there's anything mystical about it. It's simply knowing what you want and always working towards it. Just gets wrapped up in mumbo jumbo IMO

@blindbird Perhaps but most who believe in prayer and/or the law of attraction do see it in a mystical sense. I think most look at prayer as some sort of magic...say the words and it’ll happen, whatever “it” may be.

@polyananda not arguing that but it works for some people because it is something they can understand. Same with religion. Stuff like that is what you make of it. If it helps someone get through and deal with whichever mountain of crap they've been handed I'm all for it. I see no reason to strip people of something that helps them when it's doing no harm.


Prayer doesn't work. God doesn't exist, so there really isn't anything to answer the prayer. The Amish have an interesting take on prayer. They say pray for a good harvest then get up off your knees and pick up your hoe and get to work.


I had a computer business many years ago, the motto was "When attitude creates reality".
but in reality, I don't go for the law of attraction. However, chance favours the prepared mind.
And That’s All I’ve Got to Say About That!


Are you familiar with the word "woo?"

I am an atheist because I'm skeptical, and while I am open minded, I couldn't accept magical thinking without a lot of very convincing evidence.

It's basically a spiritual version of belief in the "Power of Prayer" Which has actually been scientifically tested resulting in the conclusion that it's ineffective.

JimG Level 8 Mar 5, 2018

Randi fan?


My understanding of the law of attraction is that if you think about something and plan for something, it is more likely to come to you/for you to achieve it. I don't think prayer brings it to you. If you set goals for what you want to achieve, and then work toward your goals, THAT is what will "attract" success; rather, that is what will move you towards success.


Beyond not working, belief in it encourages the victims to blame themselves. You got cancer? Your fault.

Here's insider proof that it doesn't work. The Secret, which popularized the law of attraction, is one of Simon & Schuster's most bestselling books. Fifty Shades of Grey is one of Random House's most bestselling books. In 2012 Random House gave every employee, from “top editors to warehouse workers," a $5,000 Christmas bonus thanks to its profits. What did S&S give employees for the success of The Secret? Nada.


I did pray for a companion and nothing happened. That showed me that god doesn't exist and religion is butch of crap. I wish I became an atheist earlier in life. It's mind boggling that I was brain washed with religious bs for all those years. I have a notion to burn a bible just for the fun of it.


I think it's brutal and perverse. It's another way of blaming the victim.

Did something horrible happen to you? Well, you attracted it by your thinking. Want money, then attract it. Don’t have money, that’s because you’re making it work against you. Some people even go so far as to refuse to hang out with poor people, or fat people, or people with whom they consider “negative” so that they don’t attract those things to their lives.

If something bad does happen, say, you were attacked,, then that’s because you and your attacker got together before you came here and agreed that this was how you were going to work things out.

It’s kind of a “spiritual” blame the victim scheme.


It's nonsense. If you focus on what you want then you might figure out how to get it, but I wouldn't wait on the universe to deliver it to you cuz that ain't how the universe works!


Wow. I really like this question. I think that the thing is, we are still warped, even if we are not meaning to be. Religion has become a part of our lives. But please, prayer is insulting to an atheist (maybe only speaking for myself).

I just want pictures to think outside the box...

Why does prayer insult you? If someone is praying for you, that means they're thinking of you 🙂


Oh,sorry, I assumed you were talking about physics. So, no opinion here. Not sure what you are talking about. Peace!


I have seen no evidence to support its efficacy. I understand it has worked for others but who is to say they wouldn’t have received the same results without it.


As for the prayer aspect, yes, for some people I think that's true. If they REALLY want something to happen, they do things themselves to make it happen. Prayer isn't magic either. It works when human beings make it work. Of course, not everyone who prays works to make their own prayers come true, and praying for miracles won't work because miracles aren't real.


Vision boards aren't magic. Someone else mentioned focusing on your goals, and I agree. If you fill your mind with something, that's what you're likely to get in life. If you believe that most people are mean, you will notice meanness in the world and draw mean people into your life to confirm your own belief. What people might call putting positive energy into the world, I just call psychology and common sense. If you want to attract a significant other, for instance, you should join singles groups, dating sites, use body language that shows you're open to meeting someone, etc. If you don't want to be single, but you're afraid of dating, there's a good chance you're getting in your own way.


My thoughts on the Law of attraction? I'm attracted to you but you're not attracted to me. I'm not attracted to you, but you are attracted to me. It's the law of internet dating!!

That seems to be the Law for my everyday life, I'm either attracted to a girl who doesn't like me, or the opposite.


The law of attraction is made up of the same bull shit as all myths and religions. It is simply a person selectively taking observations throughout their lifetime to support a preconceived notion.


I feel/think/believe about the "law of attraction" the exact same as I do about anything else supernatural -- it's non-existent.


I thought it meant people who wanted it to be unlawful to not be attractive


Have you seen the extended version of a film called, 'What the Bleep'? would highly recommend it. It suggests that the Law of Attraction is possible, as well as meditation changing atom composition. The hippie movement, (highly intellectual people persuing intelligent endeavours) and their concept of vibes may not have been as, 'far out' as many thought!

The movies looks at quantum physics, and out brain wiring/ addictions to states of mind. Very interesting stuff.

I mean it can suggest what it likes, but guess what...


Isn't there a Bible verse that says something to the effect of, "Whatever you pray for, believe that it is yours, and it will be?". That's some pretty law-of-attraction-y stuff.

I think there are some real, core psychological principles underlying the "you get what you ask for" attitude.


Well, I must confess that when I was part of the religious family and went to church, even sang in the choir and prayed...I cannot remember one prayer that was answered! And, I do remember, how I tried to put myself right (some mysterious something), and it never got me anywhere! In fact those were the saddest years of my life! Funny, how much better, my life has been since I am free and clear of all of it!!


So a giant placebo effect?


I honestly think that's exactly what's happening. If for example someone prays for a promotion to god, and they do it in a positive way, and they begin to feel as if he/she already got it, then they will believe that God truly answered their prayers. And thus further believing and strengthening their faith in their religion.

Things do happen for people who work for things and messed up things do iron out...and the religious people do credit God, for all of it!

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