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Population Control

So, this is something that is close to my heart. I would like to know what everyone believes about population control? Do you believe that it is something to help the environment? Do you believe that the more children our country provides will make it more powerful? Do you believe that it helps to blend ethnicities?

Do you think that there should be a limit on children?

I have a full opinion on this, but am curious to see what other people have to say.

Lindsey08 4 Mar 5

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With the anger and other mixed feelings Trump is causing to surface we will not have to worry about population control for too long. Do more children make a country more powerful? Usually if they live to grow up in a good economy. Ah, the blending of ethnicities. That's a good one. Some ignorant preachers still claim that god wanted the races to remain separate. Their god was too stupid to imagine ships and airplanes. People are people. If you drift towards racism or white supremacy others can spot it quickly. I have brushed shoulders with all of them in my time, and I have also been interracially married. I'm not a "show dog" and white is not a race. It's a color. I've never known any person that was "white."


My wife and I are child free by choice, as we realize that the worlds population is several times sustainable capacity. The destruction of our only life support system (Earth) is being degraded by too many consumers, especially affluent ones. We used birth control like the pill and IUD, but are you asking about birth control like Chinas failed one child policy?


I live in the lucky country. Lucky that we are still here because we are so bloody stupid.
We have so many incentives for people to breed, are bringing in far too many migrants, while copping criticism for not accepting non genuine refugees. We should take away all incentives to breed, and in fact provide incentives for people not to have so many or any kids. Over population will cause societal collapse, and it serves us right. A pandemic, economic collapse along with environmental destruction. What a mess. Anybody who believes we can achieve any sort of economic equality aand quality of life for all, with such high populations is innumerate.


This is an elephant in the room almost no one ever talks about. Sooner or later it will have to be addressed but probably not in my lifetime. I believe it is the root cause of alot of our earths problems including global warming. I don't think more people make a country more powerful but smarter planning for our future might. There are a lot of parents that simply can't support their kids and this to me is an unecessary burden on society. Imagine a world with about a third of our current population where the population is governed such that hunger is eliminated, lower demand allows renewable energy to take the place of natural resources leaving no footprint and countries left with nothing to go to war over. We have the abilty and why no one talks about it is beyond me. I don't know the best way govern the population but the parents ability to take care of their childs needs from birth through college should absolutely be one requirement. Ethnic blending I don't believe helps or harms society but will eventually will dissolve their ethnic groups.


Less children, more diversity... That's my thoughts


Childless by choice. Parenting is not an innate trait. Homosapiens are the scourge Bill Hicks referred to. Virus with shoes. Tax parenthood.


I don't think it is the state's concern or right to regulate what consenting adults do with their sex organs.

Neither is the responsibility of the government to provide help for those stupid enough to procreate w/o having the means to rise their kids.

@DUCHESSA the bill of rights applies if you are rich or poor. Maybe you want to live in a world where children and the elderly starve on the streets, but I would prefer not.

@engineer_in_nj Remember, your taxes pay for people' stupidity....

@DUCHESSA I do, and I also know I was too young to vote during the two wars this country voted for in: 2003 and 2001. The people who did vote for it refuse to pay for it and instead put it into our national debt.

Your generation voted for two wars you refuse to pay for or fight in. I will end up paying for your generation's stupidity. So, yes I am very much aware that I pay for people's stupidity in this case in the order of trillions of dollars.

If we have trillions for war, we have a few bucks for school lunches. I fully understand that some people would rather not pay any taxes and presumably want to be buried with their money while their neighbors starve, I won't try to convince them. It has been my experience you either instantly grasp the concept that being poor is not a crime or you dont.


I personally believe that people should be taxed per child they have for adding a new burden to our infrastructure and all tax credits for having children should be nixed. You can have all the children you want as long as you can afford to pay the taxes on your children. I also believe people without children should be exempt from school taxes why should everyone else have to subsidise your children?

That would get the population in check pretty darn quick.

Roman Level 4 Mar 5, 2018

People can have as many children as they want. If that makes them happy. I rather get vesectmy if I could afford. I don't have the pattients or money for them.


I thought the NRA were the population control over there.....


@NFAguy53 Should the get their news from Fox? The Wall Street Journal, a conservative paper reported that over 60% of everything Fox reports is a lie or a twisted version of the truth. The NRA is heaping pile of shit.

I find that people who are confident in their position can laugh off silly, humourous comments, but get kinda butthurt when someone touches a nerve..... 🙂🙂😉


Any type of population control will be controversial. Even the kindest form of it. I actually think it might be needed in these days though. When the population is exploding and natural resources seem to be depleting, it doesn't paint a good picture of humankind's future unless something revolutionary is done one way or the other.


I think that population control needs to be a personal choice, not a government decision.


Wendell Berry explains what happens when the path to the village becomes a road and with it come all of the so called 'improvements' of life. And it's then when people forget or dismiss the need to consider birth control and their local resources and how to make them last. He also tells us how institutionalized attempts to save the planet, such as Green Peace, National Geographic, and a host of other large organizations, will fail. He says that the only way to save the planet is for each person to live responsibly in one small part of it. All else fails. I recommend a comprehensive reading of his works starting with 'The Unsettling of America'. I don't believe in everything he says ( he's a believer). but I find it hard to argue with his thoughts on the environment, economics, globilization, etc.


I don't think that a bunch of incompetent bureaucrats or egotistical politicians should be given authority over anything at all.

JimG Level 8 Mar 5, 2018

Not just our country. The whole world is overpopulated.


Dumbing down of society is doing a good job of it they may seem to breed more but they will die off quickly from preventable diseases heart, liver problems etc


In the US we actually need to increase the population. for economic reasons. There are not enough people in the work force. However thaq only works if that new population is educated. Thats why currently we need imigration.


There is very little I personally can do about a world population control other than for my self and I had a vasectomy after my second child.

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