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A steep hike up Mt. Sauer today

Today Gro, Susan and I hiked to the summit of Mt. Sauer and beyond. It's a steep trail, gaining 2,000 feet of elevation over 3 miles. My legs were cramping as I reached the summit.

Wildflowers opened in the sunshine, creating washes of color. Looked like it snowed flowers!

At the top, howling 50 mph winds were piercing cold, blowing off mountain snowfields.

At the summit, a woman with a rescued German Shepard was struggling to keep the dog under control. "Let's keep going for a little," Gro suggested.

Down steeply we went on the north side. Then climbed up to a ridge. On we went.

"How far are we going?" I thought, limping. We found a lovely, sunny spot on the lee side of the mountain for lunch. (This added another two miles and elevation gain.)

Descending, we spotted stacked logs on a steep hillside that had been selectively logged. "How will they get those logs down?" we wondered.

Here's an article I wrote about hiking Mt. Sauer in 2018.


By LiterateHiker8
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Beautiful. I'll be in Seattle in a month for my aunt's 90th birthday party. Then off for a few days to Olympic Park.

ADKSparky Level 7 Apr 18, 2019

Great photos. Has the area been logged recently or have the logs been there for some time ?. Looks like a lot of valuable timber there.

Moravian Level 7 Apr 10, 2019


Nearby east hillsides were recently selectively logged to prevent massive forest fires. Trees are spaced apart, much better for the environment than clear cutting.


Stunning, I am jealous seeing elevations.

MizJ Level 7 Apr 10, 2019

I must go to Washington State. I live in the Okanagan in Canada, so the trek is minimal.

bluzzman Level 3 Apr 9, 2019

Beautiful! I'm jealous.


I really miss Washington State. So many wonderful hikes. One day I will get back there for a long visit.


Yet again, you leave me jealous! I hope the trip was much more beautiful than the photos.


With photos, it's hard to capture the grandeur of mountain vistas and washes of flowers on hillsides.


Nice. Not many hikes here in Philly.....

Adirondack Mt.. nearby

I would love to visit Washington though

@AmmaRE007 Yep, I have a daughter in Seattle.

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