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God helps me too, but then Iā€™m on medication for that one!šŸ¤”


Of course she is. She is a shill just like her ex costar Candice Cameron Bure.


Did "God" help her think it up in the first place?

Deb57 Level 8 Apr 11, 2019

Isn't that special.


Freud was doing work on the "god" talking to people and the neurosis/psychosis of it.


I love the "a source close to " in situations like this . In other words a carefully worded script showing the person in the best possible light is given to the news media.


never knew who she was & would have been happy to never know anything about her.


Someone needs to take her aside and talk to her about what God would really want her to do.


It's what Jesus would've wanted!


They tacked on another indictment yesterday, her strategy appears to be working beautifully.

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