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Have you reduced your spending habits since you retired?

My income dropped about 30% after I retired though I have an IRA I can tap. I have cut corners where I could so I don't go into my IRA without good reason.
I buy used books off Amazon, I look for coupons in the paper, by only sale items at grocery store, when I want something I wait till on sale or closeout. Excessive driving is no more, order a lot more online to cut done traveling to store and I'm getting close to the point of cutting the cable. But I am comfortable with this way of living.
Some monetary benefits of being retired, free healthcare (Medicare), don't knock it till your on it, less car costs including insurance and gas, most likely repairs also(driving less). Living this way I really don't feel the loss of 30% income. Anybody else?

PickledRick 8 Mar 6

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Initial thoughts... I worked for a Community based Mental Health Program which necessarily had low salaries. After retiring I continued to work part time with same Agency. Now Agency is restructuring ( primarily for payments) . Have realized a loss of 1/3 of my income. I have examined my expenses and have cut back. $2400 a year for cable/wifi/telephone bundle looks excessive and refinable. Would really like to meet with computer savvy person who can explain how to drop TV and use Internet for live sports and current events viewed on Smart TVs. Frustrated that Social Security was increased a bit but Medicare Health insurance sucked that up and more.


2001 I was on a decent income, 2010 I was on 1/2 that, now am on 1/20th of my 2001 income.
No debt. minimal expenses, low cost lifestyle, but unexpecetd costs hurt.


Oh yeah--since I am unable to add much to the coffers, I am very cautious about wasting it. The way the government is going right now that is probably going to be an issue too.

I agree it doesn't look good


I have been preparing. I have very little credit card debt and it is sporadic. I will need to buy a new car at some point. I will work until I am 70 and beyond--not just for the income, but because I will need something to do in the winter. I work online and I can continue until the mind goes. I already live under my "means," so I don't anticipate huge changes. Unlike some, when I have a banner year, I bank it instead of spending it.


I reduced my spending habits when I had kids



Cut way back in 2008 when broker empited my account along with fifteen others and we got ten cents on the dollar. Then I got divorced and lost my job. So cut way back on spending out of necessity. Now I'm taking care of my 93 year old mother and working under the Senior Community Service employeement program, at 9.10 an hour for tewnty five hours a week.

BillF Level 7 Mar 6, 2018

My vested pension dropped down to half after the recession.


I was living on the cheap before I retired , pretty much a life style . Retirement , ment a serious cut in income for me as well , but I had prepared well throughout my work life . And now it's paying off .


We do what we want but yes we do spend less.

gearl Level 7 Mar 6, 2018

I have reduced my spending due the election of Trump. I am expecting hard times.

You're not alone in thinking that

Seems like every RepublicanT President is a disaster by the time they are done. Starts out with short term boosts, followed by long term damage


I have been retired for over 23 years and have not had the need to do so. I made adjustments to my spending habits BEFORE I retired so was good to go from day one.


Yes bigtime-5 years now.

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