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Best Coffee

Where was the best coffee you've ever had. What type of coffee was it?
How was it brewed?
Was there also a memorable moment or company involved?

Donotbelieve 9 Apr 18

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Never had coffee before. I had a Adkins coffee flavored drink before and it tasted like shit lol.

I don't normally drink hot stuff. I haven't had hot chocolate milk in probably since I was a teen. I'm not sure why that is just haven't gravitated towards that sort of thing. Probably the only thing I've had that is sort of hot recently would be soup but is that drinking or is that eating lol


The best cup I’ve had is the last one this morning and the first one tomorrow morning. 😁☕️


Every time I make coffee either if it's only for me or with somebody else.

@Donotbelieve I guess I do. I put a lot of love in it😉🤣

@Donotbelieve it's ok. I'm not selfish. I can share the secrets of my successes 🤣🤣


Hoi An, Vietnam. The worlds largest grower. Coffee was good, French style but it was the company that made it the best.

@Green_Chile_Type Most anyplace. Try the Coffee Sua Da (ice coffee with condensed milk). I have friends there and enjoy their company. You might try the Bazar cafe or Cargo restaurant for excellent food. There are so many great inexpensive places to eat. Have fun.


The best coffee I've had is the first cup in the morning, regardless of where or what.


I like the coffee at WAWA....if you are not from the East Coast you probably don't know this convenience store.

@Donotbelieve it's all about the WaS a with her..😂


I love my Turkish coffee..sweet and rich! Yes I make my own..every morning..


In Addis Ababa, the country where coffee originated. The Ethiopian highland beans were roasted on a sheet of iron placed over a wood fire, then coarsely ground, still hot, using a stone pestle and mortar.
After that, they were placed in a pot of boiling water over the same fire and stirred for 3 minutes, whilst simmering. Finally, the mix was allowed to stand for one minute, then the liquid decanted into pottery mugs, with a pinch of salt added.
Oh yes! All this was done squatting on the ground, in the open air.

@Allamanda Early Haitian settlers must have had a connection to Ethiopia. Coffee originally spread from the Ethiopian highlands to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, especially Turkey.

@Allamanda Addis Ababa is almost 8,000 feet above sea level. Icy cold in the mornings yet 70 to 90 degrees by day. It has hot springs, with temperatures over 100 degrees. There is nothing like running barefooted across grass and feeling the frost crackling beneath your toes, then diving into a pool, filled by the hot springs, and swimming a few lengths. The return journey to your hotel room is leisurely, despite the cold!


Glasgow Scotland, many different places, many different types


Panther Coffee in Miami (Wynnwood)...I have a special love for the place and their brew. Always treated like family, every time I go there. []

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