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Will you go out with me?

In a world of tinder, Bumble, dating websites sites, and wishful thinking — I feel lost in the dating scene.
So, if any of you want to go on a date with me, comment please. Tell me where you’d like to go, activities you’d like to do, and three wonderful things about you.
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RoadGoddess 7 Mar 7

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First date definitely will not be boring but will be intense in the sense of leting our hearts and minds talk. It will be a kind of a mutual interview with sincerity about everything from values goals principles etc. Second date and then lots of fun. We just need to pass our chemistry on first date.


If we didn't live so far apart, I'd be more than happy to go out for a bike ride! 🙂

Jnei Level 8 Mar 16, 2018

I'd like to take you to Alaska to see the Northern Lights. 3 things. Hmm, let's see: 1. Forever curious. 2. I care, sometimes too much. 3. I cared for our elderly father, I promised I'd keep him out of a nursing home unless I had no choice, until he passed away (age 84). I'm now caring for our Mother and made the same promise to her (she turned 83 in Feb).


Where I'd like to go is Joshua Tree, CA.

  1. I'm humble
  2. Modesty
  3. Humility
    pick you up at 6:00?

I like your style, lady. I've waited all my life to hear a woman say that, and now the time and place aren't attuned. My loss, but thanks for making me feel better.


I like your style! But it would be a bad idea since we don't know where each other lives. Or each other's names. 😛

Hah! And sarcastic as well! 🙂


I sure would. I live in Houston, but I'm on the Far Southeast side (few decent restaurants), I'd like to try one of the nice places inside the loop, or near the Galleria (maybe Pele Pele or one of the places the "best new restaurants" from the most recent Texas Monthly). For a first meeting, I think it's a good idea to do something that allows conversation, (i.e. not a play or movie). Then go someplace walkable to walk off dinner. Depending on the time of day, disc golf would be fun and allow us to get to know each other. Wonderful things about me - (I will adhere to your limit, and try to narrow the list down to three): Sense of humor (though it's pretty dark); Smart (I've read all of your posts 😉; I make great pizza from scratch (my brother owns a pizza place).


Straight forward just saying you want to go out with someone? It's a trap. A trick....are you a cop? 😛



Hmmm, right age range, smart, attractive, fit, outdoorsy, so yes, I would go out with you, whether we hit it off remains to be seen,
But living a world away. Unlikely.
I would probably bore you by taking you into my world which is full of strange creatures, from the microscopic to downright bizarre, to me the local environment is pretty amazing. Take all we need for a day away, good meal cooked in the bush, maybe a waterfall or rapids or snorkelling some local rock pools. I am kind, intelligent and really wierd.
Here is one of my regulars who seems to be fascinated by our weights sessions, ignores us totally, comes and goes as he pleases, though he and his mates eat a few of my frogs and skinks.

Lol I don't think you've ever bored anyone in your life.

@Blindbird thank you, you are very kind.


Well you're in Texas and I'm in Minnesota and I am kind of restraining myself from any emotional entanglements right now but sure, I can do this as a kind of thought experiment for when I am ready. Since both of us work out I would suggest a bike ride around one of our many lakes or if you're interested maybe lift. I would enjoy both of those but I would prefer a stroll in one of the Twin Cities wonderful parks so we'd be able to talk and get to know each other. If the conversation goes well there are dozens if not hundreds of amazing restaurants in the area we could try. I've lived in many places and travelled around the world. I'm really into emotional and physical health. I really like physical contact, not just sex, and crave it when I don't get it. I am fascinated by bodies. Nothing creepy just how people are built and move (I was an art major in college and am into bodybuilding if that helps to explain my fascination with bodies) . Not sure if what I've said is wonderful but it is me. Thanks for this. I kinda liked it. 🙂

@RoadGodess Well if you're ever up here (the snow will be mostly gone in about a month or so) and would like a platonic tour guide let me know.

SKOL Vikings!!!


I feel like I'm watching a virtual Dating Game!


I'd love to go out with you - though it may be a little unlikely 😉
We could go to porthcurno which is a lovely beach near where I live. Get a surf in, maybe catch a show at the Minack Theatre -open air theatre built into the cliffside by a little old lady with a wheelbarrow!!! And then spend the rest of the evening in a pub playing tunes.

3 wonderfull things about me? What??? Only 3? How could I possibly choose? 🙂


A first date would be a get aquainted meeting. Usually something small, like meet for coffee or drinks. If there is a conncection after that first date, then on a second date, you could spend more time together, such as over dinner, a visit to a museum, a walk in the park, etc. Good coversation would make things a lot more pleasant between the two. Doing something together with common interests after that.

@RoadGoddess I truly believe that. I forgot to mention this part: I'm kind, caring, and affectionate.


Nice question 🙂

Yes of course I would, the mileage might cause a few issues though, but in the interest of multicultural exploration 🙂

If I came to you it's your call, if you came to me I think somewhere to have a dinner (you deserve to be fed after the distance you've come) and chat on the seafront, and as I live on a small island there's a lot of seasfront 🙂
We also have a Cycle the Wight festival so come then and bring your bike.

What I like to do
Hang out with my daughter, she's 11
Photography (Basic)
Stretch my intellect
Explore my atheism

And wonderful me?

  1. Sense of humour
  2. mmmm You'll have to find out for yourself when you come over 🙂

oh hell yeah I'd go out with you gorgeous!


If I lived in Houston I would ask you out. As far as activities go since I haven't spent time In Houston a long time, I would have to follow your lead. I would feel uncomfortable describing 3 wonderful things about me since I am some what biased.

@RoadGoddess I haven't ridden a bicycle since I got a driver's license. I doubt I could keep up. I definitely would not look as good as you in that outfit. 🙂


I live in the uk or I would happily. nothing to lose and everything to gain.

you're more than welcome. at the very worst we would have a good friendly chat and maybe a laugh so why not. its all good x


Yes. Absolutely. In Houston? I'd go to Galveston. The Strand. The shipping/ waterfront area. The beach. NASA in Clear Lake
( maybe) . The State Park.
3 wonderful things....:

  1. I'm a good listener
  2. I like my you'd better like it too
  3. I'd let you take me to special places in Houston ....and I'm in wonderful shape for it. Just go easy on the alcohol
twill Level 7 Mar 7, 2018

Dinner and the theater perhaps a drink or two afterwards. As to the wonderful things about me, that you would have to find out for yourself.


Yes, I would. But, I can't. Which is sad, because we live farily close to each other. Can I answer anyway?

@RoadGoddess OK, you put down foodie, so this going to be tough. I have some ideas for outside of Houston, but that doesn't seem right for a first date. OK, got it. First date is pretty simple, hoping the cuisine doesn't put you off. Luigi's Pizza/Axelrad/Retrospect Coffee. Just seems like a good first date. A few drinks, hanging out on the swings. If it goes well, a stroll along Buffalo Bayou.

We'd talk about kayaking and bike rides. I'd tell you I want to canoe the Brazos River. You'd make fun of me because I like cartoons.

Three things

I think I'm hilarious. Like Twill, if you don't think I'm funny, there'd be no point in a second date.
Liberal. By Texas standards practically a radical Marxist.
A quasi foodie. As in I love going to places I haven't been. Some standards are Star Pizza, Katz, House of Pies, Cleburne's.

Oh Heck, just go out with Twill.

@RoadGoddess So, second date, then? I can try to make you breakfast tacos.

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