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LINK Over 20% of Sanders supporters say they’ll vote for Trump if Buttigieg or Warren win

His 15 minutes didn't quite make it to 10. There's more negative print about him today than positive.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 22

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SanderBOTS ARE INSANE preferring to FEEL BERN than learn Bernie pathetic voting record or cowardly caving to Billary ....@HowieHawkins20 in it to win building up our Green New Deal 2011 plagiarized by liars Markey&@aoc


This poll sounds like B.S. If they don't get a progressive candidate they vote for Trump???? WTF!!!


I like Bernie and will happily vote for him if he's the nominee, but like Biden (and Trump), he's too fucking old to do the hard work needed as president. I know this because I'm a bit younger and still get tired in the afternoon and evening. It also bothers me that he only registered as a Dem last month, just like the last time he ran for president, but otherwise is an independent who doesn't particularly support the Dem party or its other members. I can also say without a single doubt that the Repubs would welcome his candidacy and unleash a massive onslaught of negative campaign ads and talking points for their fake news network and other media.

Massive onslaught will come no matter who the candidate is.


Wtf?! You can’t get your way in an election by threatening to “go live with dad.”

Makes 0% sense!!


I guess they think there is something inauthentic about Buttigieg and Warren.

I understand the issue with Buttigieg. I'm not sure what the problem is with Warren.

I agree. (About Buttigeige. Warren is just not happening for me. I forget she's even out there most often. Maybe as a VP? I dunno.)

@SeaGreenEyez Is the issue that Mayor Pete is gay?

@MojoDave Of course not. I live in Indiana. His antics FAR precede his choir-boy, God-fearing, current politicking. (I think it's interesting that 3 people have asked if I'm a homophobe. I had no idea that would even be up for assumption. His record, however, doesn't seem to be forefront on anyone's mind ... but mine, maybe.)

Right now Warren is my first choice. That probably explains why she's down in the polls.

@jerry99 She's my fave too. At this point she seems to be the only candidate who speaks truth to power at all costs, and I agree with most of her positions. Wall Street is terrified of her, and we certainly need a good amount of cleanup there.

@jerry99 Warren does not have the relative experience. (then again neither did Trump.) However, I believe we need Warren in the Senate rather than as POTUS. Having stated that, if she is the Democratic nominee she will have my vote. My largest fear is that too many Democratic candidates are entering. Bernie started a negative campaign against HRC and we ended up with Trump. This country is on the verge of collapse and we have too many Dems vying for the top spot.


That might be independent voters who voted for Drumpf last time bc they hate Hillary, but would have elected Sanders if hadn't been cheated out of the primary by the DNC.
I saw some interview of West Virginians where the woman said, "about half of us wanted the Jewish grandfather, and the other half were for the pussy grabber."


Always thought Bernie supporters were stubborn, immature idiots.


Hillary supporters weren't exactly beacons of light and progress. Pete is in the "Israel can do no wrong" camp. Warren has clear objectives, but less charisma than Bernie.


Bernie Sanders the politician is an angry, old man.

I love Elizabeth Warren.


Because holding their breath, throwing themselves on the floor kicking and screaming doesn't work with the world like it did with mommie.


i bet over 20 percent of actual sanders supporters haven't even been polled. you just added to the negative print about sanders, by the way.


I'd give you a thumbs up, but button is down, so here ?now it works. Hmm.

@Beowulfsfriend lol!



"Oddly, 5% of Sanders supporters said they would vote for Trump if Sanders won the primary." umm... wtf??? So, let me get this straight... 5% of the people that want Sanders to win are going to vote for Trump if Sanders wins??? What the flying fucktard is wrong with these morons??? Also, the fact that anyone said they would vote for Trump if anyone but Bernie wins blows my fucking mind... That, to me, says that they would vote for Trump instead of the next best thing to Bernie Sanders... I don't think I trust these poll results at all. There is just too much lack of common sense in the results for me to take this seriously.

These aren't traditional Democrat voters, they are swing voters and/or spoilers.

I smell a rat. This appears to be fake news!

This strikes me as a bullshit story!


Seems pretty straightforward. He's the only one that has really reached out across the aisle. He engages some members of the right-wing on a face-to-face level. He's pro 2A. He went on FOX.

Don't criticize Bernie, criticize the legions of faceless Democratic candidates plying the same old playbook for increasingly shoddier returns.

Just wait. He's far from straightforward.


Consistent with them voting against Hillary last time. Dumbasses.


The hell? Why are people so fucking stupid?

1of5 Level 8 Apr 22, 2019

more like why are the folks who write articles like this so stupid. don't believe everything you read.


Lots of stupidity there


I don’t get it...

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