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Grand Canyon Deaths: After latest fatal fall, tourists still drawn to the edge

"It's for Instagram." People move precariously close to drop-offs to get a shocking photo.

"People walk behind the railings, over the top of railings, hang their feet over the edge. So more signs is not necessarily going to encourage more safety,” said John Quinley, a National Parks Service spokesman.

After Victoria Gizhyrova, 29, staged her “falling-over-the-rim” photo, she tried do a handstand a few feet from the rim’s edge while her friend snapped photos with a cell phone.

While hiking, sheer drop-offs scare me, especially knife-edge trails. I slow down and am extremely careful.


Climbing Mt. Fremont with Mt. Rainier behind me. Unfortunately, I left my ice axe in my car. That was my brake. April 4, 2014.

Note the sheer drop-off behind my legs. I sat down on that rock very carefully.

When I reached for a hand up, my boyfriend snapped a picture.

Knife-edge snow photo: the distance is distorted. It was least a 200' drop on both sides.


LiterateHiker 9 Apr 26

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I was walking at the edge of The Canyon, a "friend" insisted on climbing way out and started to lose his balance. I made it a point to never hike with him again. I may not be able to stop him from killing himself, but I see no reason I should have to watch.


Common sense has become less and less common.

In one TV interview, I heard one woman complaining that there were not enough barriers - she thought they should be everywhere - like miles of them !

Then, I watched a video - a compilation taken by assorted tourists, that showed people going around, over, or under barriers put there to keep people on the trails. One couple came very close to falling - but managed to climb back up to safety. You could see the rocks crumbling as they stepped on them. Jerks.

Can't protect people from themselves.


A clever weeding-out of the humans too stupid to live.


If you are stupid enough to get that close to the edge, well...………...


if i wasn't so lazy i'd find a photo of me that looked like i was right on the edge.
great experience there. ppl asking & reciprocating taking photos.


I have a book on all the accidents that have happened at the grand canyon, they have had all kinds of accidents there, even down in the colorado river of the grand canyon, some people get to close, taking photos, and slip, some people have even passed out, from the aw esome sight and fell nice photos of your hike there, I used to live in washington state, I lived in Marysville, and sedro wooley, on the west side of the cascades, Iv'e also been to Mt. Saint Helens, you can climb that also

The book "Over the Edge - Death in Grand canyon" by Ghiglieri and Myers. fascinating reading,


Then there are people who do it for the thrill like in the documentary "Solo". There is a scene where they are talking about all of their predecessors falling to their death from climbing up the same huge rock wall. Almost 100% certain death, and they climb it anyway lol

To each their own.


This only looks dangerous. There was a ledge 20 feet wide about three feet down.

I get freaked out on a stepladder.

So I'm not going to edge up to a drop off and spit in gravity's face.


Only when balanced at the edge of death are we truly alive....that time has mostly passed for me, but I crave that feeling.... but risking life for something of worth, not a selfie


I disagree.

I feel fully, joyously alive while hiking, smelling a fragrant rose, running, parenting, laughing with friends, etc.


beautiful pics of your adventure ,I wonder who one the 2018 Darwin award?

[] Link to the 2018 Darwin Awardwinner

@RoyMillar Thanks for posting this.

I haven't seen this in several years.

The guy in the background on the "boat selfie" in the first photo seems to be thinking "this is a dead man."


I'm a RN worked in Flagstaff one summer, had a pt which rode to the Canyon on a bus got off walked to the edge and jumped off fell about 150 feet, broke almost every bone in his body except his head a yet survive, of coarse he will live in pain and mobility issues the rest of his life they are not all accidents

Hard thing to think about but I wonder if he wishes he'd jumped head first.

@BufftonBeotch even with his handicaps and I'm sure constant pain I think he was glad to be alive

@BufftonBeotch ,
much easier to just put a gun in his mouth & pull the trigger.


Sadly, these folks qualify for Darwin awards. Posthumously.


Nice pics.


Darwin awards all round.


Years ago Annette and I observed parents of toddlers watching the kids cavort about 6 ft. from the edge. Said something to them and got dirty looks. Ya can't fix stupid.


I am sure there are many that wished they could have a do over for their idiotic decision to get a stupid selfie...alas, most don't get that chance...dead is dead, and, frankly, I think sometimes the gene pool is better off...

Glad you are careful...and your pictures are even more beautiful....

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