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Minimalism, environmentalism, consumerism, transcendentalism, Platonist, naturalist, romanticist or another catch term.

Where do you define your beliefs? Do you fall into this spectrum?

Akfishlady 8 Mar 7

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I don't think I can describe me, I'm pretty unique, I'd have to say humanist if pushed

AdieG Level 4 Mar 8, 2018

I'm an existentialist and a romanticist. But saying you are an existentialist is really just saying you are entirely defined by your subjective experience and all meaning is derived from that so you might as well call yourself undefined, except in that you acknowledge this term for being so.


@HippieChick58 and @ArashL brought up a good point: did you mean romanticist, romantic or perhaps something else?

Some of us have a few years but not so many we could be considered romanticists...look it up!

Or maybe you were alluding to the arbitrary nature of labels? Yeah...I'd go with that! 😉


Environmentalism and naturalist. Basically as native Americans lived.

So ... no toilet paper and TP means something else?

@Normanbites that's what dry grass and leaves are for.


Environmentalist, naturalist, humanist and minimalist.

gearl Level 7 Mar 7, 2018

I'm trending towards miminalism and environmentalism, I'm not sure what a romanticist is.

@ArashL Thanks for the enlightenment!

Enlightenment also a European intellectual movement of the late 17th and 18th centuries emphasizing reason and individualism rather than tradition. It was heavily influenced by 17th-century philosophers such as Descartes, Locke, and Newton, and its prominent exponents include Kant, Goethe, Voltaire, Rousseau, and Adam Smith. - Google Dictionary

(I'm not sure if the pun was intentional...either way, good one!)

@DangerDave 🙂


Technically I suppose I'm a philosophical naturalist, skeptic, and rationlist. But I'm probably not going to satisfy a purist view of any of those things. I'm not extreme but I wouldn't say I'm a consistent centrist in all things. Politically I am pretty liberal. Fiscally I'm more centrist. I suppose my atheism would be considered extreme by a lot of people but I see it as a natural outgrowth of skepticism.


For me humanitarian spiritual humanist apatheist is enough labels...many others apply but...why? With the undeniable label "human" I'm subject ot change so I'll use whatever identifiers apply at the time.

Others will too but that's more indicative of who they are as a person.




Existentialist and pragmatist (a la william James).


I don't believe. I just am....


Just your run of the mill weirdo


Definitely a minimalist; don't have much use for a lot of "stuff." I don't consider it a belief, necessarily, more like a philosophical bent, I suppose.


My beliefs are predicated on informed imperical data. So... Whatever category that fits under.

empirical...which in and of itself brings your data into question. Oh well.

Swype is not often my friend. I'm interested as to what data you think I have from this one very simple statement that is being brought into question though. Also, if you want to jump on the grammar nazi wagon, sentences start with a capital letter. Oh well.




Environmentalism, naturalist


Beliefs? I don't believe I have any. I do tend toward minimalism because I've found that things own me as much as I own them. I also like the idea of kharma in a practical sort of way .... If you produce a lot of waste, you tend to walk around in a lot of waste, etc. So I guess I'm lacking a good definition of what a belief is exactly.


Ummm Humanist..

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