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Since religion defines marriage does anyone else feel relieved to discover that the same partner for life is not always a realistic expectation?

Paddywalker 3 Mar 7

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I got married in a registry office I will be donating my dead body to medical science won't need any religion - I hope that my partner and I will end our days together .

I will be donating my body, as well, my contribution to science.


I think i outgrew my ex husband. We were reformed Jews. Never very religious.


As there have been some 20 something marriages and divorces among my grandparents, parents, and two siblings I would agree with that.


I've never considered marriage to be religious.


Marriage is for those who want to have children. Believe in monogamy but life partners are not always guaranteed.


It was one of the most significant realizations I've ever had.


Since reading Tofler years ago,
I came to his conclusion we were more suited to having different partners at different stages of our lives/

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