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What are your hobbies?

I am a hand quilter, this was one I designed and stitched years ago, all by hand @ 12-14 stitches per inch. This was before I began building airplane parts.

misstuffy 7 Mar 7

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Cat fostering

Aimee Level 2 Mar 9, 2018

I really enjoyed reading about everyones hobbies, some made me laugh and it is nice to see the diversity in what everyone enjoys doing. I have other things I do besides quilting. I raise bearded iris, make hand made soaps, embroider, knit, crochet, sew, can up my garden produce the years I plant one. I put in a big garden once every few years and can it all up, enough to last two or three years and it does save time doing this instead of a big garden every year. A small garden when I have time for the salad greens and fresh veges. I love to go to goat shows and to replace my job I can no longer do I will be photographing the winning goats for owners. When my tractors are up and going I like to do the tractor rides, if you have never seen or done one of these it is a blast. Farmers have their antique tractors and will meet at one town and drive them to another town in a procession, they tend to stop for dinner and then drive back. Many have added a second seat for their wives and/or favorite dog and some even tow a small people hauler behind for the kids and other friends/family that want to go, they usually choose a scenic route and it is a blast! I haven't done one in years!


harassing neighbours and dancing

I try to avoid my neighbors, they are asswipes


I probably spend the most tiem reading books (listenign to audio books as i am paritally blind). However i think I enjoy hiking, riding my bike, swimming and just beign in the outdoors. Beign aq Naturist, I prefer to enjoy the outdoors whiel also beign naked when possible, because it just fels more natural and free than beign bound in my movements by clothing.

Around here good chance youd get arrested for the naked outdoors part

@misstuffy In Oregon, it's legal as long as you are not doing anything with the intent to sexually arouse either yourself or anyone else.

@snytiger6 what about the possiblity of children seeing you?

@misstuffy Usually when hiking nude, you can her kids a ways off. I carry a kilt with velcro fastenings to cover up when I hear them coming. I am actually more concerned about the adults freaking out. At most kids may look, but they just walk on by without comment.

I have encountered quiet hikers, but they never react in a negative way.

In Oregon, it is not really all that unusual to see naked people every now and then, hiking, swimming or biking. I currently live in Washington, but close to Oregon.

I think the whole idea of teaching kids to be ashamed of nudity, and thus their own bodies is unhealthy. Studies have shown that kids raised in nudist households have much higher self confidence and self esteem. I think this is because they are taught self acceptance, instead of to be ashamed of themselves.


My hobbies are writing, model building, sketching, archery, etc.

Gohan Level 7 Mar 8, 2018

Classical music,painting,shooting ( not the type in the news) grandchildren,travel,card playing,cooking,politics and continuing education of all types especially science.Also I enjoy a good book currently working on1123 on my I pad.Museums of all kinds are also an interest and does not cost alot

I just got a pistol crossbow with bolts to protect my goats from the neighbors dogs. Love science and scifi and love to read, museums are really cool/

@misstuffy try a sling shot


I do a lot of computer programming for fun, and just finished competing in a programming contest about a month ago. I used to play (and listen) to music. Ive played a variety of different instruments for about 12 years until going to college. I also like to read about world history, and science basically all of the time, lol.

Great you should try a bow or a large crossbow as they are fun to shoot.

I wish I was smart enough to code, but I am teaching myself Microsofts Access Database and Libre Offices version of it so I can use it for keeping better goat reacords

@Marine I learned on a regular target bow as a kid.

@Marine Archery has been something I have been wanting to do for a while. It must be a lot of fun

@misstuffy I think anyone can code, even better if you like puzzles, I see it more that way than anything else, theres a lot of resources online for you to start if you want to. 🙂 Libre Office is great, good alternative to Office.

@JamesAnthony Microsoft office Access Database is incredibly expensive to buy and the two are similar enough if you learn one you can adapt to the other and those that master database can make good money in corporate

Bows are great fun and easy to learn to shoot join a club and you will get even more out of it


I am a bridge player and avid jazz fan.

Its not exactly Jazz but I do love Miles Davis playing Gershwins Summertime. Actually Gershwins Rhapsody in Blue is one of my all time faves! Never learned to play bridge.

where's that goddam bridge ?


Cooking. I love to cook specially on the weekends.

I love to cook too but only when I have people here to cook for. I would love to learn to bake those really good pastries.

@misstuffy I have a youtube channel I do not bake much but I cook other things. You can check it out.

@Pullsmedown I may just do that but I really want to learnn pastries


To many to list some of my favorite ones gourmet cooking, wood working, science of any kind, psychology, philosophy, debunking supernatural claims, I can sew and knit (I know this is an oddity for a guy, learnened when I was very young), building models, 3D jigsaw puzzles, history, Animals, weapons, electronics, human nature, problem solving, Adventure kind of limited on that one for now, Fishing, astronomy, ...

You sound interestingly eclectic!

renaissance man


My hobbies are (not in order of importance, and probably shoud be better termed obsessions): reading; drinking (and researching and improving my knowledge of) fine tea; cooking; writing; playing Scrabble; listening to music; watching bleak, gritty shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon; learning new languages.



@misstuffy is that sorta like interpol ?



My hobbies: bird and wildlife photography, writing, art, designing and sewing my own clothes, hiking, swimming, building new invention prototypes, training gaited horses for trail riding, casual jumping, and driving, traveling, jamming with other musicians, reading, ballroom/jitterubg dancing

Pic: me jumping a log during a trail ride with my TN Walking Horse, Banjo, near Soldier, KY

I ride too! I spent decades on the race track as a pony rider. I still have quite a few horses here on the farm. Looks like goof two point form there.

@misstuffy Cool! Sounds like a dream job!

I grew up riding my Haitian mustangs without a bridle or saddle like a Native American, roping half grown wild boars that got into the corn, even driving horse carts on loose reins.
I had an Akhal Teke mare throw back that could cruise at 30 mph on the trail, and Haitian people were always riding up and challenging me to race them.

She always won by so much the challenger wasn't even in sight, but they'd say I "got the jump" on them so they didn't have to pay off the bet!

In the US I continued riding without bridle and saddlle with my horses here.
I couldn't ride my TV Walking Horses bareback, though, because Walkers have such steep withers and narrow bodies. Even with Banjo, after he was trained, I just knotted the reins together, threw them down on his neck and used my mind/weight shifts to guide him. When driving, my Walking Horses would even change gaits as I "thought" them..rack, running walk, pace, etc.

i spent 2 years working at ascot race course if that counts. lotsa horses


I think my hobby is learning to do new things. Occasionally those items are also kept as hobbies.

I'm a mess with hobbies that I love to do. Most are expensive, sadly.

I know what you mean. I learned this one from my mother.


That is amazing! Although not my "#1" hobby, I do some quilt work. No hand quilting or piecing but some machine piecing. I really like applique and did some of that by hand but it is getting hard to hold a needle long enough now so went to machine for this as well.
My first love is wokdcarving then sculpture with clay. I enjoy several other forms of art or craft, including wood craft. I'd say "remodeling" was on the list but lately I feel like that should actually be "collecting remodeling supplies" . 😟

This one won the whole cloth class at the Iowa State Fair and was in the $100,009 quilt challenge, placed but did not win. Kudos to your wood working, to me that is harder than quilting.


Farming, oh, wait thats how I make my living. That is a beutiful quilt though.

THank you

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